Sunday , May 28 2023

Fear that head NPA chief is blackmailed over alleged sex tape


As the National Prosecutor (NPA) interviews begin, City Press reported suspicious blackmail attempts against a senior prosecutor, using the allegedly sexist sex.

Silas Ramat was appointed as NPA leader in August following the abolition of Shaun Abrahams. News24 previously reported that Ramaite was a career prosecutor who served as Deputy Director for 15 years and was NPA Deputy National Director for Witness Management and Protection.

On Sunday, City Press reported that, although he had not seen this movie, he allegedly included Ramaite in a compromise with a female security guard. Concerns have been reported that rumors about the existence of the film are used to blackmail the prosecutor. The existence of the film was reportedly confirmed by the City Press by four senior officials in the security cluster.

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Ramaite has also not seen the video.

A prosecutor, allegedly close to Ramaite, questioned how the alleged act was shot.

"Although we do not approve sex in the offices … the question of how the cameras were placed in the office of the active National Director also raises serious concerns about the intentions of the person who installed it."

Another prosecutor told the newspaper that the alleged existence of the film was used to get Ramat to support a faction within the LPA. His independence, as part of any group that supports or opposes former President Jacob Zuma, is reported to have been known.

NPA spokesperson Luvuyo Mfaku told City Press that Ramaite was unable to comment on the video until he saw it. According to Mfaku, Mfaku said the NPA could "assume" that this was part of a blackmail attempt by those who wanted to make Ramaite decisions that suit them. Mfaku made similar comments with EWN.

It was also reported that it was worrisome that Ramat was underestimated that he was under surveillance and said that this could lead to criminal or urban action.

News24 reported that applications for NPA headquarters closed on Friday and the short list process and interviews are starting on Monday. The interviews are not open to the public.

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