Sunday , September 25 2022

MyCiTi buses will be escorted to prevent more attacks amid strike


The ready-made MyCiTi bus in Milnerton, which burnt on Tuesday. Photo: Provided

Cape Town – MyCiTi buses will be accompanied by metro police and other city police officers to prevent further attacks after two glowing buses this week, says Cape Town.

There is no proof of who is responsible for the attacks, but the city has organized mediation with impressive bus drivers who have deferred tools for weeks, insisting they want to get supplies to ensure better working conditions and pay.

City of Cape Town spokesman Luthando Tyhalibongo said that these services will be used by the City's Safety and Security Directorate, as the city does not have the luxury of losing more buses, according to News24.

On Tuesday morning, a bus departed at Omuramba Station in Milnerton. Cape Kenny Africa head of West Cape said the incident took place around 6 am and the driver managed to escape without being hit.

There were no passengers on the bus. Africa said the police were investigating the cause of the fire and who was behind it.

On Wednesday morning, another MyCiTi bus fired at the Lindela bus stop at Khayelitsha.

According to our information, four attackers were injured, but businesses along the N2 express lines between Khayelitsha and the Civic Center station in Cape Town's central business district were suspended until a newer announcement, "said Tyhalibongo.

A MyCiTi bus stood at Khayelitsha on October 23. According to Tyhalibongo, the replacement value of buses, equipment and repairs amounts to about R10 million.

MyCiTi bus drivers launched a strike strike on October 14, which was marked by reports of intimidation and harassment. Several routes have been diverted.

The city of Cape Town has received an urgent ban to stop impressive drivers from intimidating, harassing or attacking MyCiTi passengers or staff. Drivers were also banned from destroying MyCiTi stations or buses and collecting less than 100 meters of MyCiTi stations or buses.

Employees were contacted by the city and the police to report any incidents and visit the MyCiTi social media pages or contact the 24 hours 24 hour shuttle information center on 0800 65 64 63 for bus schedules.

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