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Siam Lee's mother is crying as the evidence of her daughter's murder appears in court


Carmen Nans Lee, the mother of the murdered sex worker Siam Lee, was crying uncontrollably at Durban court court on Wednesday when she heard details of her daughter being killed.

The details arose when the state serving the assassination accused Filani Duli of accusation.

The court heard that Ntuli had burned Lee alive in New Hanover on the morning of January 6 of this year.

"When he arrived near the Smidtshoek Park, New Hannover in the early hours of January 6, 2018, the accused removed the deceased from the vehicle, threw it into a cane field, pulled it off with gas and put it," according to the indictment was read in court by prosecutor Surekha Marimuthu.

Lee, 20, died in the scene and the burned remains were later discovered that day, according to the indictment.

Post-mortem revealed the cause of death as bleeding from head injuries, as well as 90% of burns with tissue accumulation, the court heard.

Carmen's mother, Lee, later told reporters that she felt "blind" from the details of her child's death.

"I did not expect to hear it today, so I felt really blind, but I had to hear it at some point, I saw its remnants burned beyond recognition," he said.

Ntuli was supposed to kidnap Lee on Jan. 4 while he was out of work on Margaret Mayton Avenue in Durban North.

He lost control of the vehicle

Although Ntuli was Lee's previous client on or around January 4, he no longer wanted to get in touch with him, the court heard.

He kept Lee in captivity at his home in Hillcrest until midnight on January 5, when he decided it was time to kill her, the demo was read.

Ntuli faces a series of charges: assault, crime, robbery, intimidation, kidnapping, rape, reckless or negligent driving, failure to stop and help in an accident, fraud, murder and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

Ntuli allegedly failed to check his vehicle, a black Mercedes-Benz Viano, when he left with Lee on January 4th.

It confronted another vehicle driven by the Brett Challenger, near the junction of Margaret Mayton and Hinton Road.

"Despite the two vehicles that suffered as a result of the collision, the defendants failed to stop and continued to accelerate despite Brett Challenger's pursuit."

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He successfully delivered the Challenger and left at his Hillcrest residence.

The court heard that on 9 January Ntuli came in contact with OUTSurance to file a claim for damages in his car "in an accident on Jan. 8 in Cato Ridge."

Facing more charges

These losses broke down on 4 January in Durban North, according to the indictment.

At the capture of Ntuli at his residence on January 17, the firearm and ammunition were recovered.

The court heard that on 21 March 2016, Ntuli claimed that he had forced another sexual worker from Escombe to reside at Hillcrest where he was held captive.

She then claimed to have raped her. He is also supposed to call it "white racist hell".

Ntuli also stole the women of her two mobile phones.

He is also facing charges about the assault by his former fiance, Lucky Methhembu, on June 6, 2015, at his home.

Ntuli is enrolled on a R40 000 guarantee. One of the conditions is that he reports to a police station three times a week. His lawyer's request to release this condition for reporting to the police station only once a week was rejected.

He will now appear at the Durban High Court on March 11, 2019.

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