Tuesday , October 4 2022

Stogie T on Sway Freestyle! Watch and highlight some of his good lyrics. | SoundcityTV Africa | Powered by Music


Veteran Veteran Veteran Stogie T, born Tumi Molekane, was on Sway In The Morning after his likes of AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C and Kwesta.

MC's free way once again proves to be one of the best to ever get a microphone as his freestyle has become a trending theme, we highlight some of his best lines:

"I am from the continent of poverty and long hiking achievements

Where the former heroes give birth to spoiled rotten children

The rich meet the bad guys cleaning their offices

We hit rockets like Elon Musk, we load the whip

But still stuck in the shit because we do not have a pot to pinch in

So God forgives you as giving half the shit to your church

I swear, we still can not tell a pastor from a carrier

They are Roman Catholic, they are Anglican, they are African tribes, immigrants, shit, they are masked men who kidnap children

I say South Africa, do you think that Trevor,

I think Nelson is half a parrot, you get mixed messages "

"These ready-made superstars, with tattoos and scars,

And you think they can save the person with a few bars

It's lukewarm, I'm in real shape

38 like Jordan in Utah, killing them with the flu

Strus God, that's my trust, I'm bad as RuPaul

But I wear a pussy like King Jaffe in New York

What could you do?

When I promise you all the smoke, I'm Calvin Broadus as Snoop Dogg

This is the calendar of a crazy man,

who should have stamped the champion but wrote over their heads like Anne Frank

Fam, I'm a giant among the ants, like the tyrant from Baghdad

(Hussein) Can not I hang on the camera?

He grew up at Hammers, M16 Hammers

Do not dance, miss with MC Hammer

I am Kool G Rap graduates, these my handlers The Kufi Nas from New York,

Jesus' pendants, reading Langston Hughes, el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz and them, shit

In the pocket, like the killer Audubon

They will photograph an African prototype of a hungry child

But it will not show you the royal blue Aston Martin whip

It's complicated, and we vibrate vibranium, Train up, we also got ghettos, and orange juices are gathered

But Bo Brady said he counts in your actions

Give them honey and pain, happiness and sadness

Like when Tony took the flooded Roley and we called it hope

For all the years the po-po had my children against the ropes

For all the seasons we have a look at Mary Stopes

And all that we almost missed, but we kept shouting … "

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