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The couple entered the suitcase for a sharp plane ride, but was found when the airline said the suitcase was too heavy


Cathy (left) discovers Southwest Airlines employee Christie and Jared Owens in a suitcase.
  • A couple flying to Vegas did not know their dogs were in their suitcases until they arrived at the airport.
  • Kristi and Jared Owens, a Southwest Airlines employee, said their luggage was too heavy.
  • Icky the Chihuahua hid in his shoes, but eventually went home and allowed the couple to travel.
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The Texas couple said they did not realize the pet chihuahua was hiding in a suitcase until airline officials said the bag was too heavy.

In a post he shared on Facebook on September 26, Jared Owens, 39, and his wife Christie, 36, said they would fly to Las Vegas when their suitcase weighed too much at the airport. They soon realized that the reason was that their dog, Ikkin, had entered.

The couple told Insider that at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport in Texas, with the help of Southwestern Airlines employee Cathy Cook, they tried to rearrange their luggage and found Ickin in one of Jared’s cowboy boots.

“He didn’t look, he didn’t make a sound. We had no idea, and as soon as he opened his zipper, he crawled out,” Christie said.

“It’s like we woke him up and he said, ‘What are you all doing?’ “He was saying,” Jared said.

The couple attributed the misfortune to Jared being a packer at the last minute, and two other dogs, a rabbit, a fish, and two children, ages 4 and 8, by Icky’s Christie’s mother before she ran away from home.

“I guess this little burrower just went to the bottom and we had no idea,” Jared said.

The insider was told that his dogs had a “lazy” but “sweet” personality. “She’s very calm and wants to feel safe,” Christie said.

Christie said her face would be “priceless” as her jaw dropped as she realized what had happened.

“My first thought was that it bothered us to think we were trying to smuggle the dog there,” Jared said, kindly offering to help Cook sit in their home. Vegas.

The couple thanked them for their “excellent customer service” in their Facebook post, but told Insider that Jared has an uncle who lives nearby. “He came home safe and sound half an hour later,” Christie said, confirming that they had finally arrived in Vegas.

The couple said the scene caused some registration delays as three teams of Southwest employees stopped working to interact with Icky. “There were people who looked at us like, ‘Thank you guys, we’re just trying to travel,'” Jared said. “We stopped our travel plans for a while, as we did in our travel plans.”

A Southwest Airlines spokesman confirmed the incident and told Insider: “We thank our staff for the hospitality that everyone in the Southwest – even our four-legged friends – knows!”

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