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The new Mercedes-Benz CLS, the third generation? Impressive design and style icon


The new CLS

The new CLS

The new CLS pioneers the new design style of Mercedes-Benz, which is recognized by its clean contours and reduced lines. The CLS 350, CLS 53 4MATIC + and CLS 450 4MATIC will be released in Oman in November.

Its character is characterized by a defined mask widening towards the base and a forward-facing front section and other features include wide low-beam headlamps and two-level rear lights. Design is also a reflection of the diachronic aura of the first CLS, which established a new segment of the brand and quickly became a design icon. All CLS models are equipped with new six-cylinder and four-cylinder engines in series. Like its predecessors, the new CLS exudes confidence and sporty style in an exemplary style, making it an extremely moving vehicle that offers impressive comfort and great acoustic comfort combined with exciting, unparalleled technology.

In 2003, Mercedes-Benz created a new segment of CLS, which for the first time combines the elegance and dynamics of a coupé with the comfort and functionality of a sedan. With CLS's third generation, Mercedes-Benz is now manufacturing more than ever the aura and the unique character of this model. The new model features pure CLS genes with the waist line, flat side windows and low greenhouse levels. At the same time, it is another example of the logical evolution of the ideological design of sensual purity: the sharp edges and lines have been greatly reduced. It blends seamlessly with the current Mercedes-Benz coupé family with many design features. The cre The value of 0.26 is a positive proof of its excellent aerodynamics.

The engine range for the CLS is completely new. The following models will be available:

  • CLS 350 (220 + 10 kW / 299 + 14 hp, 400 + 150 Nm, combined fuel consumption 5.6 l / 100 km
  • CLS 450 4MATIC (270 + 16 kW / 367 + 22 hp, 500 + 250 Nm, combined fuel consumption 5.6 l / 100 km
  • CLS 53 4MATIC + (320 + 16 kW / 435 + 22 hp, 520 + 250 Nm, combined fuel consumption 8.7 l / 100 km

The AIR BODY CONTROL suspension, the activation of comfort controls and the latest generation of entertainment, smartphone integration and wireless charging, enhance the ultimate in-car comfort. The touchpad on the center console provides tactile and acoustic feedback while operating multiple functions and convenience settings.

Exterior: Confident with sports in the style of Mercedes-Benz coupe

"The new CLS is an architectural image of the four-door coupé. Combined with the design philosophy of our sensual purity, we have reduced its DNA in an extremely pure way, and at the same time molding it emotionally with elegant beauty," says Gorden Wagener, Daimler Design Officer AG.

The striking features of the front end include the Mercedes-Benz coupe-type grille with a single handle and the radiator's silhouette widening towards the base, resembling the contours of the Mercedes-AMG GT grille.

The lateral design is characterized by the high, arch of the middle and sports, low greenhouse with side windows without frame. The forward-facing forward recipe resembles the shark's nose, and is further enhanced thanks to its fully fitted hood. Contours follow the sensual purity design philosophy: the lines and edges are significantly reduced and the surfaces are generally arched.

Also characteristic of the CLS is the back shoulder muscle line that blends smoothly at the flat back edge. It also features two-level rear lights, reflectors mounted on the rear bumper, position of the license plate on the bumper and a Mercedes-Benz star in the center of the luggage compartment lid. Depending on the specifications, it houses an expandable camera.

Like the headlamps, the backlit LEDs with a backlight have a crystalline look and create a three-dimensional effect. Their low position emphasizes the width of the vehicle.

Internal solid color depiction, wide angle cockpit

The luxurious interior of the CLS Coupé impresses with its clear basic lines and reflects the sensual, flowing outlines of the exterior. High quality selection of materials shows a very high level of finishing.

The sporty combination of a cockpit and combination of colors in width creates an impression of a particularly spacious roominess. For a total impression, the wavy path of interior design extends from the front to the rear doors and opens to the B-pillars. As a new projection of the lighting of the atmosphere, the illuminated vents reminiscent of jet air turbines. The sporting impression is also enhanced by the final appearance of the seats. A full high-resolution cockpit is available with two 12.3-inch screens placed under a common, continuous glass cover (standard GCC). The center console with open-pore or high-gloss wood seems to be free thanks to the surface lining.

In the fully digital cockpit, the driver has the ability to adjust the information content according to the needs and driving conditions. Three different styles can be chosen depending on preference, mood, or to match in-house appointments. The Classic and Sport styles have a basic structure with two tubes, while the Progressive style surpasses and polarizes with a structure that has a central tube-shaped tool.

The lighting of the atmosphere is individually adjusted in 64 colors and also includes the air ducts. When the air conditioning temperature setting changes, the color changes quickly to indicate whether the temperature becomes warmer (red) or cooler (blue).

The seats were designed exclusively for this range of models. Depending on the interior, they have high quality piping or transverse seams. The exterior rear seats have the same look as the front seats, creating a sporty look with a seat, although the CLS coupé is actually a five-door for
the first time. When necessary, the backs can be folded into one
40/20/40, expanding the generous luggage compartment of 520 liters.

Wellness on Long Distance: ACTIVATE Comfort Check

OPERATION Comfort control (optional) connects various comfort systems to the vehicle. It uses the functions of the climate control system (including perfumery) and the seats (heater, ventilation, massage), surface heating and steering, as well as lighting and musical atmosphere, and allows for a specific wellness arrangement tailored to the mood and need of the customer. As a result, levels of prosperity and performance are improving.

These six programs can be selected:

  • Freshness
  • Warmth
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • Comfort
  • Training (three ways of training – relaxing the muscles, muscle activation and balance – each with many exercises).

Intelligent Drive: Technology from S-Class

The new generation of CLS has many elements in common with the new S-Class, the flagship of the automotive industry across the industry. Similar to S, CLS is equipped with state-of-the-art driving assistance systems, including the optional driving assistance package.

The optional Driving Assistance package consists of the active DISTRONIC distance control system, Active Steering Assist, Active Speed ​​Limit Assist, Active Brake Assist with Cross Traffic, Flexible Steering, Active Blind Spot Assist support, Active Track Assist and Pre- safe® PLUS. DISTRONIC Active Distance Control and Active Steering Assist now provide even more comfortable support to the driver to maintain a safe distance and direction and the speed is now automatically adjusted in front of bends or crossings. Active Strike Help has also improved significantly (country specific differences for individual features are possible). In addition, the Plus driving help package includes PRE-SAFE® Side Impulse, which can prepare front passengers for lateral impact by giving them a lateral thrust, reducing the risk of injury.

Thanks to improved camera and radar systems, the new CLS has an even better view of the surrounding traffic and for the first time uses map data and navigation to calculate driving behavior.

The Instrument panel's Graphical Help menu shows the driver carefully with care which help functions have been selected and in which cases the systems are currently responding. Unrivaled icons provide the driver with information on both the screen and the headset. All functions are now controlled by the steering wheel.

The large ULTRA RANGE beam of the MULTIBEAM LED (GCC standard) headlamp produces the maximum light intensity permitted by law, resulting in the brightness of the main beam headlamps remaining above the reference value of 1 lux at a distance greater than 650 meters.

Suspension: There is a choice of three variants.

The new CLS features a four-way front suspension and a five-link rear suspension as well as a dynamically adjustable comfort suspension is standard. The optional DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension has a sporty basic setting and includes continuously adjustable damping on the front and rear axles. The selected driving modes are Comfort, Sport and Sport +. AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension is also available upon request with an improved, adjustable and adaptive damping system. The driver has the option to choose the vehicle's features from comfortable to athletic using the driving mode switch.

New engine family: With the EQ Boost and the 48 volt electric on board

The third generation of the Mercedes-Benz CLS is powered by completely new engines, initially four-cylinder and six-cylinder gasoline engines. Another key feature of the four-door coupé is the wide range of 4MATIC models.

The new, electrically powered six-cylinder EQ Boost (integrated starter / generator) and a 48-volt electrical system on the train feeds the CLS 450 4MATIC. Performance data: 270 kW / 367 hp and 500 Nm plus 250 Nm of torque and 16 kW / 22 hp are available via the EQ Boost for short periods. The built-in electric motor known as EQ Boost helps the combustion engine eg. when accelerating, makes it possible to drive without the combustion engine ("sailing") and delivers the battery with energy through high-efficiency recovery. In this way, it is possible to save fuel that was previously the exclusive field of high voltage hybrid technology. All in all, the new six-cylinder engine delivers the performance of an eight-cylinder engine with significantly lower consumption.

The new CLS models:

CLS 350



Number of cylinders /

4 / in a row

6 / in a row

6 / in a row

Displacement (cc)




Rated power (kW / hp)




Add. output from EQ Boost (kW / hp)




Rated torque (Nm)




Add. torque from EQ Boost (Nm)




Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s)




Version 1: Exclusive launch model

CLS exclusivity can be further enhanced with Version 1, which will be available for order until March 2019. This special model has numerous luxurious features as standard, available only for Version 1. These include B.C. the COPPER ART interior design with leather nappa black leather seats with diamond-shaped central segments and color touches, colored bronze-colored contrast to the center console, seats, armrests, dashboard and door trim and unique mask with diamond chrome matt pins and lamp with a copper glow. Version 1 is available with all engine variants.

The exterior is based on the AMG Line and the special features include MULTIBEAM LED as standard and AMG multifunctional 20-inch AMG aluminum wheels painted in black with a high-gloss flange. The special model is recognized by the letters "Version 1" on the front wings.

The highlights of the interior, also based on the AMG series, include:

  • Dashboard support in black nappa leather
  • Center console center and dashboard in black ash wood with open pore
  • Analog IWC analog clock with exclusive orientation
  • Vehicle key in black glossy color with ornate chrome
  • Ambient lighting in 64 colors, illuminated ventilation nozzles
  • Mirror package
  • Memory pack
  • The rear seatback is collapsible at 40:20:40
  • Mats labeled "Edition 1" and copper tubing
  • Color "Edition 1" in the center console and "Version 1" on the welcome screen.

CLS 53 4MATIC +: perfect combination of performance and design

Mercedes-AMG extends its range of products by adding three new models and introduces a new model: the CLS 53 series.

Features that are common to the new model of the 53 series are the two-wing radiator grille, the A-wing front skirt, the AMG side panels, the diffuser rear apron and the round-shaped decorative elements chrome high gloss.

Six-cylinder in-line engine with EQ Boost booster

The six-cylinder in-line engine is characterized by top performance and intelligent electric drive. Supported by the EQ Boost Starting Inverter, the electric auxiliary compressor creates a high load pressure without delay, for a faster increase in torque to accelerate until the large exhaust gas turbocharger develops. As a result, the 3.0 liter engine reacts extremely spontaneously and provides a highly dynamic response without turbo lag. An additional advantage is the high level of improvement of the six-cylinder in-line engine.

Hybrid features include a boost of 16 kW and a torque of 250 Nm, recovery, displacement of the load point, sliding mode and virtually subtle restart of the engine with the start / stop function.

The CLS 53 4MATIC + accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds and the driver's package achieves a top speed of 270 km / h. Combined fuel consumption is 8.7 l / 100 km, while combined CO consumption2 emissions of 200 g / km.

Exterior: Additional features of the CLS 53 4MATIC +

The front skirt of the CLS 53 4MATIC + has additional side airbags: allowing the air to flow in a targeted fashion, thus improving aerodynamics in front and reducing Cre figure. The front separator is perfectly attached to the air curtain and reduces the lift on the front axle. The exterior lines of the radiator mask extend downward and give CLS a strong look. The exterior mirrors are mounted on the doors as well as the AMG GT, ensuring an even more dynamic look.

The two-seater rear lights enhance visually the width of the rear and, as a further practical advantage, allow the boot to be fully opened. The wider line width combines better turns with a perfect look, thanks to the wheels that are more out. As standard, the CLS 53 features 19-inch alloy wheels, optimized with aluminum wheels, and optional 20-inch wheels.

Short Displacement Times, High Performance:
the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G transmission

The new 3.0-liter engine coupled with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G transmission, which impresses with extremely short displacement times, quick response to shifting commands, dual release function and multiple shifts. Whether it's automatic or started by the driver using shift shifters, steering wheel displacement or shifting steps are immediately applicable, especially in the "Sport +" mode and in manual mode, the gearbox responds very quickly.

Power is transferred to the road with the fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC + four-wheel drive, which also comes as standard. This intelligent system combines the advantages of different concepts: the fully variable torque distribution between the front and rear axles, which not only ensures optimal traction, but the driver can also rely on high handling stability and a high level of safety under all conditions.

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