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Titles in five minutes, Tuesday 6 November


There is a lot going on in the South African news today round. Never a dull moment in the country, as evidenced by the titles of Tuesday. We have the last part in the "ISIS test" in Durban, and more misery for a very maligned Malusi Gigaba.

South African news today, Tuesday 6 November

Durban "ISIS trial" repeats

The state is expected to describe the reasons why Farhad Hoomer, a Durban businessman accused of having links to the ISIS terrorist group, should not be released on bail. Eleven other suspects will also learn their fate at the Verulam Magistrate court on Tuesday.[[[[Read more: TimesLive]

Vlakfontein is charged with the court

The judge sought to confirm the accusations made by the state against the two suspects, in which the state revealed that the accused number 1 – Sibusiso Khoza – was facing seven tax classes along with three additional rapes. Mr Fika was faced with seven rape charges and an additional category of theft.

Malusi Gigaba latest news

We make this ninth consecutive day Malusi Gigaba was in the news for all the wrong reasons. He has been involved in recording the state from a leaking report and returns to Parliament on Tuesday to explain himself to the entire Fireblade epic. When you go through hell, keep going.

The dollar ended on Tuesday 6 November

The class has the best chance of breaking the mark R14.00 this week, as America keeps its breath during the midterm elections. Democrats could take advantage of the House of Representatives' control, making Trump "bad duck" in the chair and hitting the dollar hard. The current dollar to rand is R14.15.

The Incident of Kimberley Boys

An incident at Kimberley Boys High has caught the national attention after a video of a trainer dropping water on his teacher's face went viral. The student is now facing disciplinary procedures.

What about Vicki Momberg?

Her appeal has been pushed back on February 20, 2019, meaning she will be home for Christmas. She served four months in prison before she was released on bail, pending her bid to overthrow her conviction and sentence. Momberg took two years to call a policeman the k-word 48 times.

SA Weather

It feels a little cooler throughout the country, but what's the time it tells you?

The Horoscope on Tuesday

Tuesday is the day of the week. Let's hope something was written in the stars to make us happy.

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