Wednesday , May 31 2023

Minister of Solidarity: 100,000 pounds of deceased Minya terrorist incident and martyr. And 50,000 injured


Ghada and Wali Zeira have decided to pay damages to the families of the Minya terrorist incident martyrs for £ 100,000 to their deceased families, treated as martyrs and to pay an extra £ 1500 pecuniary pension to their deceased families.

It was also decided to spend £ 50,000 on injuries requiring more than 72 hours of treatment, and in 2000 for those who were slightly injured.

The Minister of Solidarity, the Egyptian Red Crescent Support Team, the martyrs and wounded family, and provide all kinds of psychological support, provide medical and financial assistance.

The minister also urged staff members of the Menia Social Solidarity Directorate to quickly complete social research for deceased and injured families in order to end indemnification proceedings.

She was represented by several leaders of the Ministry of Solidarity and expressed her condolences to the deceased family of Ghada Wali, the Minister of Solidarity, who had resigned from the Sharm El Sheikh World Forum and visited the injured party at the Sheikh Zayed College.

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