Wednesday , February 1 2023

A 14-year-old girl killed his stepfather in fungus in Luganda


Before midnight on Saturday, there would be intercession for a 14-year-old girl Defend a discussion in the middle of the mother and her stepfather stabbed her chest. She fled from her home in February and found a neighbor at 12 once in the neighborhood.

The incident occurred at an address of Buenos Aires Open Doors. When the police came to the scene, the victim Javier Eduardo Rodriguez was still there The knife was in the chest, said the portal Luján Online. The victim's death almost died.

In February, the disappearance of the young man, the national press for 12 days, while visiting Plaza Miserere, he toured. At that moment they said their mother TN and People she wanted several children to take care of her and even buy their clothes. "He I lived with my father and I do not know why he left. Now he's in psychology, "he said.

It is not known how often the treatment is being continued or how often it is assisted by professionals. Indeed, after finding it, he spent time in the shelter Now she lived with her mother. The child was arrested and prosecutors will decide on the future in the next few hours.

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