Tuesday , January 31 2023

A footballer from the river accused the former coach of abusing Xronika


Ludmila Martínez 18 years old and a river futsal player. Recently, I use Instagram's social network profile when he was 9 years old, but he did not use sexual abuse on the one hand Eduardo MichelleFormer Coach of Los Andes de Munro.

In the meantime, Vicente López complained to the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for Gender Equality.

"He took me and many other daughters to my office when he was 9 years old, closed the door, asked for hugs, hugs with another intention, and enveloped me for a long time, he liked me"a young woman remembers with deep sorrow.

Finally, Martinez said that this ill-treated man was still working with minors and was silent when the events did not happen because he did not dare to say that he was guilty of it: "I'm sorry you were at that moment quiet".

This is your complaint

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