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A porch pirate glow bomber brought millions of videos to Christmas hawk. Some of them were staged.


After the massacre of the Christmas tree, NASA engineers said that a ghosting to go back to strange gangsters, a fart-smell-spraying device, said the world had gained the smell of pack thieves, sparkly just deserting at least partially.

Mark Rober, in a statement on Twitter, said in a statement on Twitter that he was taking a one-minute video of a large-scale video: "I was told that the video has doubts about the reactions of 2 reactions."

Rober suggested that someone who wants to put in a pack made a "feel" by offering a dish and paying for the packet to be deducted.

But the thieves stealing from the package were really familiar to the person who helped me.

Rober, who can not be reached immediately to comment on Tuesday morning, claimed that the packages were packed out of his home, but claimed he could understand that people were skeptical of all videos.

"My confidence is a shot," he said in a tweet.

The video, Rober says, was inspired by a pack of thieves that came one afternoon from afternoon on the California verandah about seven months ago.

Despicuous, Rober – The former former engineer of NASA, a popular YouTube channel that documents its very interesting science experiences – began to think how robust pirates could handle it.

Though robbers had taken the security cameras, Rober said the police were not worth it.

"So you feel powerless and something needs to be done to resist this unique pank," said Rober.

"And then I kept it like that."

Rober told NASA that he had been working for nine years, including the hardware design for the Mars Curiosity rover.

"If someone took the revenge of vengeance and more engineers came out, he would be with me," he said.

Rober decided to set up an inspiring boiling trap in the "Home Alone" in the 1990s, a "young hero and inspiration" by a young and talented hero (by Macaulay Culkin).

With the help of friends, Rober was disappointed with the design for the ideal pill: She would be as secretive as she would know that Apple HomePod with a cellophane would be "seductive" for any breakfast pirate.

The GPS would be effective, as it could follow the journey after leaving the house

This thief would write videos with related mobile phones, regardless of how the parcel was purchased.

And once it was triggered, it would be brilliant. So bright.

"Finally, when they open the package, I would like to highlight their professional choice with a glowing cloud," said Rober.

That's a weight shine, that is. To add an injury to injury, Rober was also built into a "fart spray" box designed to spray automatically after the blast exploding.

"No joke, you can clean a room with a spray of these items," said Rober.

For features of how Rober's fragrance "glowing bomb" is created, we refer to the YouTube video documenting the project:

The whole package was engineer for about six months and then tested the field.

There are several beautiful Easter eggs. When everyone thinks carefully, "Harry and Marv" would distinguish the mock tag on the UPS that had been captured by the best pair in the Stars Only.

Apparently, none of the thieves paid such care before throwing it into the box.

On Monday, Rober documented a YouTube project called "Package Thief for Blitter Bomb". Since Saturday, the video has more than 45 million views.

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, Rober told the Washington Post that "it's like unpleasant engineering entertainment." ""[With all my videos]I'm trying to connect people with science and engineering. But it hit a kind of nerve. "

In the past, he controversy of online critics employing actors and claimed that all of the recorded images were actually packet thieves.

Rober told The Post that "I think packages should be left out in the daytime and they should leave the daytime and see how brave people are."

The roof pyramid epidemic is real.

A study by InsuranceQuotes said that a package of approximately 26 million Americans had been stolen. According to The Post's Petula Dvorak, the number of stolen packages increased with "fear of the door":

In Tacoma, a guy in Washington who sells a device is setting a 12-gauge space as soon as a pirate's cancellation package is canceled.

In the district of Colombia, packages worth about $ 1000, stolen from the Capitol Hill, offered an awesome gift for heroes – a heavy box with two dogs.

Andrea Hutszler believes that "it did not stop them".

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