Tuesday , January 31 2023

Alfaro sends a farewell letter to fans of hurricanes and only needs to sign up for Boca's new coach


Hurricane Technical Director, Gustavo Alfaroofficially welcomed the players, leaders and fans with a letter and confirmed it Guillermo Barros Schelotto will be replaced on the coast of Boca.

The Copa Libertadores final defeat against the rivers led to Melisco's performance and a short list of possible coaches was still available: José Pécerman, Ricardo Gareca and Gustavo Alfaro. However, the first two rejected the relevant proposals.

Ex DT Quemero began to clarify the letter this is a "very complicated decision" but also for reasons of personal and sport, and that the fans "will not be easy" to accept.

""At this stage, I'm calling for a sports project to close my career, so I want to go for it"he said, calling for the enrichment of President Daniel Angelici & # 39; s.

However, he acknowledged that there would be "people who would be" disappointed, disappointed, or disappointed ". In turn, He apologized, but "understands."

"I know Maybe the voices are wrong when we get past"We will put a mattress in my heart because we often protect our coaches, but I know that it will hurt me," he said.

The letter was published on the club's social networks and the fans' comments were undoubtedly: Anger is felt when you encounter your old team.

Alfaro said, "Hurry up, hurry up with pain," he said.

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