Monday , February 6 2023

Always tired? This can be caused by


Chronic fatigue syndrome is a diseased disease that causes physical and mental retardation. In some cases, even taking a shower may be a titanic effort.

So far, little has been known of the origin of this syndrome, but a study by a group of London's Royal College revealed one of its possible causes. According to this English study, it is related to this hyperactive and illicit immune system.

Researchers have found that a group of patients giving medicines to stimulate their body in the fight against hepatitis C have very similar symptoms to people with chronic fatigue syndrome, according to The Thelegraph.

Prior to receiving such treatment, such patients showed high levels of inflammation associated with inflammation, which was stimulated by the immune system to respond very intensely.

Now doctors already know that people who are more responsive to the immune system may be more likely to develop chronic fatigue syndrome. It is possible to move from this finding to a solution.

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