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An "enemy" budget, the government would say


An "enemy" budget, the government would say – LA NACION

Joaquín Morales Solá

Then, the main meanings:

  • The government can not run the risk of rejecting the budget in the Senate because it would mean rejection in Congress with two crises, a politics and therefore a monumental economic one, with which it is necessary
    we conclude that the government has the numbers to approve the budget from the start of the meeting.
  • In connection with the rupture of his block


    in the Senate, there are many Pichetto senators who will vote against a definitive rupture of many Senators. Two senators from Tucumán, led by the governor, left the block

    José Alperovich

    , but there will still be four more: two that the governor of Formosa answers

    Gildo Insfran

    and two that respond to that of La Pampa, Carlos Verna. Why they have not already been with me


    ; Because these days it is solved how many representatives of each block will go to

    Council of the Court of Justice

    as consultants.

  • If these four were leaving, Peronism stayed with only one Peronism in


    and only one representative in the Magistracy Council. With these four you will have two. They are rupturists but they are Peronist, that is, they would not give a counselor more

    Let's change

    because if these four were gone, we would change to have one more and Peronism a less. After this has been done and the Judicial Council is completed, the four responders to Insfrán and Verna will go along with Alperovich.

  • All these politicians have been much closer to the polls all these years

    Cristina Kirchner

    by voting with Pichetto. What led them not to do it? The former president had a relatively low number, a lot of rejection, and at that time the government did very well until last December but was also emotionally closer to the vote with Cristina than with Pichetto.

  • Pichetto has helped maintain the country's governance in these three years


    because this government is the minority minority government in Congressional history, both in Delegates and Senate, but it has taken away many important laws, thanks to Pichetto's support not only for his influence on But and for its influence among governors and an important group of Peronist deputies. Now that the crisis has passed, Macri has fallen into the polls, Cristina has climbed and now everyone, Alperovich, Verna and Insfran have to face the election with a national report that has fans, and that is Cristina Kirchner.

  • The government can declare at the time of the vote that it is an unpleasant budget because it is a zero deficit and adjustment to both expenses and revenue because new taxes have increased and created. However, in this context, it was able to adopt a budget which was the fundamental basis for maintaining the relationship with the


    : the zero deficit and the budget were the necessary reason for continuing the relationship with the Fund.

  • First of all, we have to bear in mind that the issue of the bond is a hedgehogical issue in economic matters from the beginning to the end, because it is considered that with a liberal policy like Macri, it is the unions and companies that must to agree rather than a decree of the executive.
  • Secondly, we must see that we are in a deeper recession than any economist, including economists in the government, imagined, and that this recession affects everyone. It affects the workers with the highest inflation, which affects the wages of the employees and the income of the companies because they do not sell. The bond is neither an orthodox solution nor convenient for the economy, but I think it is the desperate solution of the government to be able to face in December that by


    which is coming now and a historically conflicting December.

  • Since then, social movements have gained power, left-wing trade unions that are an area that has no organic representation. They are not the white workers who have their unions, their dealers and so on. This is an area without protection, in addition to subsidies provided by the state. This is what creates the bond: the bond was inconceivable in the Macri government, but the crisis was also unpredictable and the consequences of this is what leads to a heterodox decision in a heterodox context.

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