Tuesday , January 31 2023

Another piece of cake: During the tournament, the AFA Metropolitan B & B promotions changed to the National Bid


AFA on a new chaos, confusion, disorder, and bad management screen decided to increase promotions from the first B subway to the National Bread for the reconstruction of the tournaments but the full controversy of the championship.

Now there will be five teams that are rising to the highest promotion categorywill be the first four and fifth of the fifth number table, which will be separated from the Freedom that will challenge the equipment between the fifth and eighth positions.

The AFA Executive Committee confirmed the re-establishment of the National B through the Assembly From mid-2019, 32 teams will participate, divided into two teams of 16 teams.

Firstly, although the AFA teams are planned to split teams into two regions – the Interiors and the Metropolitan, it will not be the case at all, as the members of each group will have the choice, as all clubs are in equal environments in terms of travel costs.

Because it was the club inside those who did not agree with the reconstruction five B Metro rise and only two will be Federal A.

There are currently 25 national teams in the national team. At the end of the season (from the semester) the two Super League will rise and the same amount will be deducted (directly and otherwise directly with the AFA), thus going to be 21. First, seven people went.

Today, with this reconstruction, will move from Buenos Aires B Metro Students, the Barracas Center (AFA President, Chiqui Tapia team), Atlanta and Acassuso teams, and Redestra Riestra, All Boys, Tristan Suárez and Almirante Brown.

Anything not yet designated by the Executive Committee will come first with C and D. Currently there are C 20 participants; D, for 15 years.

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