Tuesday , January 31 2023

Anxiety about each of the loans to the private sector


Within the framework of the crisis economy, private sector loans will not rebound and can not go to anyone in one stage of stagnation. "In November, only 0.3% of the loans given to private sector in pesos after growing Partly 0.3% for DecemberJoaquin Berro Madero, an economist at the Argentinean and Latin American Institute for the Reality Studies (IERAL).

In his analysis, the most affected credit lines reported consumption: Personal and Card – 0.3% in the first case, and in the second case, -1.4%. For them, Individual deposits of Peso increased from 4.3% in November to 7.3% in December. "As of December 17, the private sector credit on the pesos reflects a month's decline," he said.

Although this is a bit more intricate than those related to consumption, this phenomenon is confirmed in all lines. Thus, the credit market can not get since 2018"On the contrary," the private sector deposits in Pesos are always growing at a higher rate; by placing trachionados locations this month. "

Partial data for December declined by -0.3% to loans to the private sector after a zero increase (0.1%) in November. The most affected funding in December is that of pesos (Private and Credit Cards), which accounts for about half of the total portfolio and then drops to -0.8%. In November only 0.5% is growing.

On the one hand, Personal Loans Decreased by 0.3% in November, up to -0.3% in December; will always end in nominal terms. "Pesos credit card financing increased by 1.3% in November and decreased by -1.4% in December."

At the same time, "Trading lines – only 0.2% in December, when the contract, which accounts for about 30% of the total portfolio in the pesos, will be increased by just 0.2% in December, after two successive monthly failures in November with 0.5%, "said the author of the report.

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