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Astronomers Can See The Invisible Black Item with Faint Light on Galaxy Sets & # 39;


Suede light can help astronomers share the dark matter in a galaxy cluster. This delicate light can illuminate the potential place of the mysterious matter. ( NASA, ESA and M. Montes (New South Wales University, Sydney, Australia) )

The mysterious substance that constitutes most of the matter in the universe is unknown to the dark matter. The results of a new study could have helped scientists to determine the nature of the matter and ultimately determine the true nature of the dark matter.

Invisible Black Item

Approximately 85 percent of all matter in the universe is a permanent substance, but remains invisible because it interacts with regular issues like light. Astronomers can not detect dark matter by using current instruments. They are only visible effects of its weight,

But a new study by two astrophysicists from Australia and Spain can bring science closer to knowing that the mystery can lie.

Needle Light Light in Galaxy Clusters

Mireia Montes of the University of New South Wales and Ignacio Trujillo, of Canarias, Spain, said the weakness of galaxy groups, known as indoor light, could get information on the distribution of dark matter and that astronomers could not see it.

Researchers have explained that intracluster lights are a product of galactic interaction. When galaxies are interconnected, individual stars are removed from the galactic galaxy and filtered inside the galaxy's group. Later, these stars are mostly found in the mass of dark matter.

Dark Matter Placement in Galaxy Clusters

Sugary light-insulated stars and dark matter follow both the cluster's gravitational potential. As the two follow the same exact attraction, the nested light can indicate the location of the dark matter.

"We have found a new way to see where dark matter is, because we watch the same charm potential and can brighten the position of dark matter with a brilliant glow," Montes said.

Researchers said that researchers have suggested that dark matter can place ghost clusters in a place where they use deep visual observation.

Findings have been published in the journal Monthly Warnings of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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