Wednesday , February 1 2023

Boca – 12/24/2018 – is allowed to enter another club


An actress may appear on stage at the General San Martín Theater, or maybe act as a jury with a little more makeup on the television late night. Journalists are allowed to jump from one end of the ideological dialoin to another, jumping like a cat through the belts. During the Carlos Paz season and Mar del Plata, you do not blame the vedet flower in the next action. Political heroes may have military credentials in the military revolution of the 1970s, either in the social revolution or in today's same military security. It is legitimate to change your religion, your place of residence, your diet, your hair, your college career, your partner, and your government, even your sex.

There is also freedom of movement for football professionals. The law applies if the terminal station is not Boca. In this case and in the case of San Lorenzo for Julio Buffarini, Hurricane for Vélez or Gustavo Alfaro for Mauro Zárate, at headquarters in École Supérieur de Ética – Buenos Aires, and in country divisions – irrespective of the latest or remote sources

In September of this year, Guillermo Barros Schelotto beat the Argentinean defender Buffarini and Zárate at the time of a 1-0 win over his team. He was surprised at the solidarity show, which showed gratitude to both clubs at La Paternal. Or maybe not much: when he went to court with 10 blue and golden clothes, Juan Román Riquelme bit.

The story is long. When Julio Falcioni came to Becca's unlucky champions with a 12-point advantage in Boca's second place, there was anxiety in Banfield. Independiente did not donate at the first stage of Federico Insua's Alfio Basile. When Juan José López's Wonder Wines sponsored the jersey, I do not talk about tea …

When a footballer and a coach go abroad, due to economic progress and sport grounds, members of the High School of Ethics support and even wish them success. The same character, when choosing the same reason, can confuse them, unless they can find a judgment on which file they accuse. These are the first guilty of double statements: those who are convicted.

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