Friday , September 30 2022

Boca advances her game with the Paternato from the Superliga, taking care of the names for the final with the river


Boca with her head on the repertory against the river that will determine the winner of the Copa Libertadores will arrange a substitute but with a return to Esteban Andrada's goal to take the Patronato in a match before the 13th day of the Superliga.

The meeting takes place in Bombonera, with Diego Abal's arbitration and TV show TNT Sports Premium.

The waste of the river bank will keep all his owners for the decisive conflict with the Millionaire the next Saturday and there are some indications that seem to be related to this commitment.

One of them is the return of Andrada, was fully recovered after a jaw fracture suffered last September 20th, to hit from the head of Dede, defender of Cruzeiro.

In addition to the good performance of Agustín Rossi on the first leg of the Libertadores final, the goalkeeper will add tomorrow minutes before Skipper can reach the conditions for the appointment at Monumental, where he could be a beginner.

Entrerriano coach Mario Sciacqua decided to return to the 4-1-4-1 system leaving the 4-2-3-1 on the side Monday before San Martin de Tucumán when he lost 3 -0 and equals 3 -3.

In this system he will leave outside the signal wheel, Federico Bravo, and would choose a player to more clearly handle the ball, such as Santiago Briñone or Agustín Guiffrey.

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