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Budget: Frigerio told Macri that the votes are guaranteed


The Interior Minister brought peace to the government during the cabinet meeting. Perronism had changed the agreements in the Senate Certification: Ministry of the Interior

The president

Maurizio Macri
and the rest of the cabinet received, very early, the news I was expecting from his mouth

Rogelio Frigerio
, Minister of the Interior and Director
the girl's negotiator of the letter

governors and lawmakers of PJ.

The ruling begins this week and the next one is approved, "the negotiating minister said at a cabinet meeting under the leadership of Casa Rosada's president.

This was confirmed
THE NATIONAL two members of the national cabinet, for whom the attacks of Peronist organizers and the new requests for chapters that appeared in the last hours are only a tactic to start more concessions without compromising the maximum goal: in the Senate of the "only law "Which is important to the executive branch by the end of the year.

"The numbers are there, but they are at stake, they are going to be stretched to the last minute," he said.
THE NATIONAL member of the Council of Ministers near the President.

In Casa Rosada, do not ignore the pulls of the Peronist senator,

Miguel Ángel Pichetto
, as happened last week when several PJ commanders away from the government suggested rebuilding the soybean fund. "It was a minority claim of one or two governors and the Kirchnerist block. It is a final discussion about us and is part of the budget agreement, the tax consensus signed by 19 governors and indemnities in the provinces," the Secretary of the Interior , Sebastián Garcia de Luca, who also makes many calls and trajina from the offices in search of support for the official plan.

The government is convinced that the number of senators who will sit in their positions to support the law will ultimately be "between 40 and 45 years," according to the Interior Minister.

And they went for more: apart from the budget, the so-called tax consensus agreed with governors would also be law on Wednesday 14, while changes in Personal Assets and Income Tax will come with modifications and will be dealt with in the House of Representatives.

To make sure everything goes well, Frigerio received yesterday the governors Peronist Domingo Peppo (Chaco) and Rosana Bertone (Tierra del Fuego) before confronting Pichetto.

"It is sensible to pull it off because we made public the compensation for (María Eugenia) Vidal," complained with a Cambiemos report in connection with last Thursday's broadcast, in which Peña promised the governor to compensate "with the funds for road and water projects $ 19,000 claiming to be added to the $ 65,000 million equivalent to the Conurbano Fund in 2019. The opposition rulers, who demanded that the tax effort fall to Vidal and other more heavily populated provinces collection, such as the city of Buenos Aires, not reacted positively to these concessions.

The return of Monzó

Between the morning cabinet and his meetings with presidents and senators, Frigerio discussed progress in negotiating with the "political table" joining with Governor Vidal. the Mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Frigerio, and Emilio Monzó, President of the House of Representatives.

The meeting signaled the return of Monzó to Balcarce 50 following his obstruction with the head of staff for the disappointing retrospective increase in gas tariffs. "There was peace, not love," wrote a leader near Monzó to describe the current wobbling political relationship between Buzaeira and the head of the Cabinet.

Beyond the optimism surrounding the budget deal, few believe that coincidences with the PJ extend beyond the budget. "I do not see it, for me it is longer than before", resigned from one of the usual interlocutors of the government with Peronism.

"The elections are coming, the moment has passed", the official went deep, beyond the efforts of Production and Labor Minister Dante Sica, to find agreements with entrepreneurs and trade unionists to control the inflationary spiral.

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