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Buttons to care for their hearts on these holidays


Argentine Intervening Cardiology Association (CACI) experts, warned The risk of cardiovascular disease is excessive at the end of the year, and invited to take a vacation with caution and despite his cardiovascular health.

Holidays are usually accompanied by arrival accumulated stress collaborating over the years and raising the family situation.

This is accompanied by excessive behavior such as excessive intake food It is highly accompanied by fat and calories and is accompanied by high consumption of feasts, especially alcoholic beverages.

They also do not help socio-economic situation common and heated this time for this year is ordinary.

For these holidays experts advised to take into account a number of tricksStarting with the first six letters of the alphabet.

A-B-C-D-E-F health and especially cardiovascular care for these holidays include:

A) Help: Be careful not to wait more than 5 minutes for a pain in the chest if you have any symptoms or if you have any symptoms. The sooner you get medical help, the more frequent coronary artery can be treated or treated, thereby reducing the risk of complications;

B) Drink: Who needs to do alcoholic beverages in a measurable way and do not forget who passengers in their vehicles rely on him, so they need to get "zero" alcohol. The survivors should be careful not to overcome them;

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C) Food: In a disproportionate diet, fat and calories can trigger a coronary event with high nutrients;

D) rest: Remember that you need to rest and sleep;

E) Stress: plans homework and shares share and responsibilities;

F) Smoking: Cigarette is a risk factor for the development of many diseases including cardiovascular diseases that cause acute myocardial infarction (ACS) and cerebral infarction, which can trigger fractures of small fatty tissues inside our arteries, as well as high carcinogenicity. (ACV), among others.

"A should seek help in case of not feeling well or not providing coronary symptoms. Many people are waiting for the symptoms to return, and this is crucial for the image projection. If coronary obstruction is present, coronary reperfusion procedures should be treated as soon as possible with the removal of a plaque blocking normal blood flow in the artery, "said Anibal Damonte, an interventional cardiologist and CACI president.

CACI is recommended before the signs of infarction contact a high complexity center with a human catheterization roomAngioplasty is an operating room equipped with all the necessary equipment to interfere with catheterization to restore blood circulation.

Hemodynamics, General Angiography and Intervention Cardiology The former President of UBA-CACI and CACI Career Specialist Alejandro Cherro, in turn, The most common symptoms of coronary problems "There is pain in the chest, which causes neck, arms, or backwardness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and palpitations (repressive, elephant foot)."

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As for the rest of the recommendations to be taken into consideration for the Parties, CACI vice president, Diego Grinfeld, referred to an interventional cardioangiatologist, especially alcohol purchasing: It is a condition that threatens a party within a drink; Runners & # 39; zero & # 39; They should take alcohol. "

In addition, excessive alcohol may be a trigger for cardiovascular events. For the rest of the audience, Purchase is permitted, but always under control; This should be especially water and the range of soft drinks on the table, "Grinfeld said.

There are quite a number of scientific evidence showing correlation between extreme nutrition as a coronary risk factor; advised to select professionals more robust options and measure unit size.

Also Do not add saltespecially in cases of heart problems or those exposed to arterial hypertension.

Articles break This is another issue among the recommendations: many people usually make widespread trips and sacrifice their sleep times; stop recommending, get enough sleep and do not ask for it from the body.

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"Another predisposing element is stress, often aggravated by the year, and even worse by the holidays themselves, although we often say that it is very difficult to manage it, but this is not true: we plan our tasks, and if we divide a few duties and responsibilities, we'll spend festivals more comfortable and less worried."He insisted on Damonte.

Finally, the "F" applies to the cigarette smoking habit.

""Holidays and end of the year are a good opportunity to make a decision to stop smoking. Along with high levels of carcinogenicity, cigarette is a risk factor for the development of many diseases, of which, of course, is cardiovascular disease. "

If you have any symptoms that may be a symptom of cardiovascular disease, drinking alcohol and drinking alcohol, paying attention to your driving abilities, avoiding excessive stress in your diet, preventing stress and preventing smoking. The main recommendations made by CACI for a peaceful and sound use of one Party are final.

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