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Celebrates Cardona and waits … – 12/23/2018


Edwin Andrés for Cardona lThe Boca people began to abstain for a long time before going to social networks. More precisely, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, the same coach who wants to do so in 2017, did not decide to take it to the finishing tackle with the river. Despite the popular student, the twin chose the other surnames, and the 10 periods with blue and gold began to fall slowly. However, Everything is missing: there are many concrete possibilities that agree with Edwin's record in Rayados de Monterrey and that they are willing to agree to a price lower than $ 7M instead of the purchase option.

Cardon with his wife (Photo: Instagram).

On 31 December, Cardona's Boca California loan expires. And to safeguard it, a possible alternative was to get 100% of the passage. But last time Boca again consulted and the panorama was not the same a few weeks ago.

What has changed? Monterrey officials would not be happy to re-open the campus doors for a year and a half years ago on a 26-year-old wheel who wanted the fate of recurrent inconsistency problems.

And because Alfaro really loves such players, nobody in Boca will have the courage to ban the stay of the Colombians and without getting your link. Options may be a new one or you may purchase a portion of your card.

"If the next DT asked Cardona, we'll start discussions," Angelici announced before signing up with Alfaro. Diego Alonso, head coach of the Rayados team in Mexico, described him as "a good time-consuming player, a player with a category."

On Saturday afternoon, Edwin dropped out of worries about his future, said his family's family and daughter's mother, Medellin, were happy with her vacations. Will he bring bread under his arm?

What did Edwin write to Instagram? "God bless you in your day, dear daughter, I love you, because God, who is part of this great desire for my daughter, will be with you."

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