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Christmas Championship 2018: News to see the Fat Draw and where to buy it


Teatro Real de Madrid will be responsible for announcing the main numbers given by children of the San Ildefonso children on Saturday, December 22, Saturday. Christmas lottery 2018will sell a total of € 2,380 million between the 170 millionth tier lottery sold.

The exhibition room will open its doors at 8 am in the morning, and after half an hour the presidency will be set and will be shot at 9.00 in the morning and can last for 5-6 hours.

Viewers will be able to see it Extraordinary Christmas Raffle to live via EL PAXS, which specializes in correspondence with reporters At different points in the Spanish geography, the main rewards are mainstays and Teatro Real de Madrid itself.

Among all the awards are distributed Lottery shootingthe most anticipated oil that will be divided into four million euros, as in previous years, to four million euros. This is a gift for 400,000 euros. The second prize will cost € 1.25 million, the third is 500 thousand euros, two quarters 200 thousand euros, and the eighth fifth – 60 euros.

Stone and repayment is one of the most anticipated prizes for the amount she can get. Pedrea is offering a total of 794 awards for up to ten Euros, with a refund of 20 Euros for each number.

Ten to ten Christmas lottery Buy it for sale at 21:00, 22:00, and around 23:45 in authorized outlets and on the internet. Once the delivery is completed, the awards can be issued on the 22nd day of the 22nd day, the same afternoon of 22nd of March 2019.

The 2017 lottery oil was dropped in 71198, sold at a cost of more than 520 million euros in the city of Lugo in Vilalba, Malaga, Huesca, Madrid, or Sirli myths management.


  • 1st prize El Gordo: 4,000,000 euros
  • 2nd prize: 1,250,000 euros
  • 3rd prize: 500 thousand euros
  • 4th Prize: Two awards of 200,000 euros
  • 5th Prize: 8 awards for 60 thousand euros
  • Pedrea: 1794 awards from 1,000 Euros
  • Before and after the 1st prize numbers: Two awards of 20,000 euros
  • Before and after the second prize: Two awards of € 12,500
  • Before and after the third prize: Two awards of 9,600 euros
  • Hundreds of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes: 297 awards from 1,000 Euros
  • Hundreds 4th Prize: 198 Euros from 198 Euros
  • With the last two digits of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes: 297 awards from 1,000 Euros
  • Returns: 9,999 awards from 200 Euros

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