Thursday , June 30 2022

Cinthia Fernández introduced Martín Baclini to ShowMatch and ended up giving them a huge kiss


The businessman visited the floor of the Dance, said his partner was confidential and there was a mistake.

Cinthia Fernández wrote with Martín Baclini at ShowMatch

For his latest gala ShowMatch, Cinthia Fernández had as a customer of luxury Martín Baclini, her friend. Once Tinelli saw him, he asked him to show his abdomen and before his girlfriend came to the track, he ended up confessing that he asked him to make love in a particular part of the house. But it was not all.

Already with Cinthia in the studio, Marcelo caused them to give themselves a huge bang … and they did it! The couple, who said they were very passionate about sex, ended up eating their mouths and making it clear that their own are not just words in the air.

A fire! Look at his kiss Cinthia Fernández and Martín Baclini in Dancing 2018.

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