Tuesday , January 31 2023

"Cold moon" has affected Internet users all over the world


The eighth show was held on December 21, three events were united on Friday and Saturday mornings in the early morning hours.

The first is the scenario of the other two events. On Friday, the day after the events in each hemisphere were recorded.

Thus, the northern hemisphere is the shortest of the year, and therefore the longest night of the year. There is a winter day.

In the southern hemisphere, on the other hand, the longest day and the shortest night of the year, and this day is referred to as the dayton.

The Solstice is formed by the curved shape of the Earth rotating around the sun. Thus, the amount of light received by each part of the Earth varies year by year. During the daytime, the two moments of the Earth's reach to the Sun are celebrated in June and December.

Days in the northern hemisphere gradually stretch after winter, so many cultures mark it as a phase of revival.

Cold moon

It was observed during the daytime, full month, first December and end of 2018.

This month is called the "cold moon" because it records the arrival of the winter in the northern hemisphere, and is referred to as the NASA, as well as near the solstice.

Meteor shower

This special cold night also demonstrated a meteor shower that took place every year.

According to Forbes magazine's geologist Trevor Nace, this rain started on December 17 and extended to 24 hours.

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