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Confession, confusion, and loss of consciousness: details of Puerto Madryn's murder


For this reason, B.B is known. He said 16-year-old prosecutor Silvana Salazar was a star witness to the murder of a mafia stamp dealing with drug trafficking in Cubut, Puerto Madryn. He climbed the shackles and moved with five other adults – For them the son of an old police officer "double aggravated murder" youth, Héctor López (25) and Federico Lomeña (27)

Thanks to B.B.'s accurate information, traces of torture, stroke, stabbing, burial, acne and naphtha were found. places of paradisements: El Doradillo and Paraná BeachThere are two sand and ocean stretches to tourists and locals visiting whale watching and soaking in the sun and salt.

The proceedings had to be suspended without the fact that there were no precise clarifications prior to their destruction and involvement in deliberate murder.

B.B, a dual criminal and Nicolás Cerrudo's (21) suicide bomber – If some investigators had not committed another crime they tried to commit suicide, The Mendocino drug traffickers have dark hands In August, he met with Lopez and Lomeña to propose an extraordinary job to poverty and raise the category of new riches.

Chubut and Puerto Madryn are full of men and women from different parts of the country to spend in the summer, not about Patagonia.

People who want to join potential customers who serve with other "indicators" of Mindoza are generally unacceptable to the unusable Mercedes-Benz X-Class in 2018.

B.B. other friends and acquaintances of the victims, as well as prisoners and detainees (Nalib Zajur – retired commissar Genaro Carrizo, Giulio de Cecco, Aaron Sepúlveda and Nicolas Alexander Valencia) the outer narco was convinced that it would be possible to sell the best quality cocaine hydrochloride that could provide them – it has already happened on the streets of Chubut – between 1200 and 1500 pesons per gram of "strain". A similar marketing value compared to the city of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata or San Isidro.

Tension, cut, down, yield would be very high. In these cases, according to the "cut" ratio, the dosage may be sold on average on average at 800 pesos and then sold according to the amount of sodium bicarbonate recommended by Mendoza. B.B. He told the prosecutor's office The "businessman" who he presented himself assured them that he could get a "well-run" one-month "monthly 40,000-80,000 pesos"and just to get started. Profit can be very high if they know how to extend the drug.

Until this point in detention, Chubut's justice is B.B. Not only because they found the corpses, but as a witness of the protected personality, the mixed numbers that were mixed with the "values" managed by the researchers.

However, in the story of B.B., there is still a point in doubt. According to prosecutor Salazar, two lives would be cut off "Debt between drugs and narcotics losses". Before the press, the official said that it was provided by Nicolas Cerrudo, the friend of Lopez and Lomeña, "before he decided to take his own life."

Flawed young people have always written as a witness – a part of themselves – the group was dealing with narcotics in a short time and wrote before killing: What is your letter? "It plays with fire ".

B.B. Instead, it added an element that would make the account more accessible, but there is no element to support it. According to the circumstances he did not know, conflict between group and narco mendocino a handful of cocaine or marijuana bricycles did not occur "Missing between 12 and 15 pounds" has a value of more than one hundred million pesos, providing about 96% of cocaine hydrochloride.

Lopez and Lomeño have the detainees who believe that the remainder of the "affiliated group" – the prosecutor called them and denied the drug and accused Mendoza before and for that reason.

Hypothesis does not look very difficult. And first of all, the "capitalist" will not load "drugs" in the very near future, they believe that they have begun the cocaine's retail trade recently.

As can be seen from a distance, something does not approach.

As mentioned here, El Doradillo's sands and shrubs were shedding cocaine. At the moment there are no drugs, despite the fact that the relatives of the provincial police believe, suspected persons involved in deliberate homicide and drug trafficking in the region. Goals are inadequate.

It was not just a few meters away from the place where it was found on December 12th, just a few meters from Lopez's neighborhood in El Doradillo neighborhood, but the family itself. the car was abandoned and wound up on a battery, in addition to a young man's clothes, bloody identity card and other items, as well as two bullet wounds.

There were also latex gloves and bleaches on the floor. The police appeared to be "negative" in that place.

Porto Madryn's conscience is the way to destroy the bodies of young leaders of the narco groupand reminiscent of mafiozo brands of Mexican drug traffickers than Chubut.

Lopez was amputated today by his hands – still not found – semi-buried and covered with lime and exploded in the El Doradillo Ecological Park, a few thousand meters from the place where they found the police, outside of Puerto Madryn.

"As mentioned in the investigation, drug trafficking is a cause of all kinds," he said.

As is known Infobae, The body, moving along the alkalinity of the furnace, was advanced and "eaten" by the lime spread over the corpse.

Lopez was beaten with one or more corner objects, such as stones or clubs on his head and body.

A week ago and one day after Lopez disappeared, Cerrudo was found dead in his home.

The prosecutor alleges suicide after announcing his office, and Lopez's friend showed signs of torture to the sex-makers that were "fit for the penalty session."

Did they encourage him to commit suicide? Have you threatened your family for what you like? Did he make a suicide simulation?

There are no answers to the questions.

Everything would be easier for the prosecutor Salazar and his contributions to the file "protected personality".
Cerrudo, who is a part of the Staff Group and engaged in drug trafficking, would have committed a double crime and asked for help in killing an operation.

The prosecutor's office reports that he wrote a letter from WhatsApp that he had already sent the detainees to their detention group and asked whom to buy lime and oil.

A scene, if any, is very similar to the original Netflix series Osark, A Mexican drugstore that has been killed and disappeared from where it was buried with lime.

The first was the disappearing Lomeña. It happened on November 21. B.B. after the police found information. On the other side of Puerto Madryn at Parana Beach, one day after Lopez's appearance. There were 20 stab wounds in her body and the next day on the coast of Paraná, on the other geographical tip of the city.

His head was covered with bags, he was exploded with lime and covered with limestone.

"Shortly after the proposed prosecutor Salazar, there is evidence that the drug was spread, all of which was strengthened by personality testimony that guarantees the leadership of a mini-agency investigated by federal justice" for the lack of justice justice and federal justice.

Narcotr route to Patagonia

The corpses, the corpses of the Chubut government, Federico Massoni and Puerto Madryn, have suggested that Ricardo Sastre's initiators reveal a number of strangers with the small victories they discovered when they found it necessary to shoot a macabre scene

With this groundless framework as reference, Massoni and Mayor demanded federal forces in Steel Madrice "more police presence" from federal forces such as the bloody and bloody Rosario Narco.
On the other hand, Governor of Chubut Mariano Ezequiel Arcioni decided that the police had to disassociate from the operations for insufficient results and suspicions because they did not miss a small amount of marijuana and never cocaine.
Without further details, he announced the creation of the "Anti-Drug Operation Agency".

A few days ago, the head of the government said: "We have a record of cannabis, but there is no cocaine, and I did a Madryn drug brigade plan because I could not see the result and did not do anything wrong because there are drugs everywhere.".

At this point, he is wondering if his official imagination should not come before a horrible death with a narco seal.

According to official information provided Lying By Patrick Bullrix, Federal Forces in Chubut, by the National Security Ministry So far, in 2018, the seizure of cocaine increased by 139% as a result of the 131% increase in the number of operations against 2017 and 135%.

Their intelligence reports Lying it also reveals them Against Cubuta and Patagonia, drug traffickers set up new Routes for poison traffickingthey were less restricted than Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca to carry them to Europe and Africa through their ports, not just for consumption in their cities.

"There is an increase in the use of drugs in Patagonia and the average of the region exceeds the country's average, there is a tendency to use drugs in the south, we see that it is more than a national average and we are worried about the high level of drug use in the most important cities." On August 29, National Security Secretary Eugenio Burzaco acknowledged. Provincial authorities did not want to ignore a fact.

Due to the maps that discovered the new drug routes LyingThe drug coming to Patagonia through Mendoza comes from Bolivia.
From the border country, it enters the truck covered with lorries such as La Quiaca, Cisterns through Jujuy; Continues down by San Antonio de los Cobres; Touches the city of Bethlehem, Catamarca. Continue on La Rioja with Chilecito; It touches the city of Jacha in San Juan.

According to the Federal Forces, Narkozs would have a strategic stop in Mendoza.

The drug is transmitted from here, partly to Chile, and the rest to the south of Argentina.

Zapala, El Bolsón, Esquel, Gobernador Gregores, El Calafate, Río Turbio and Ríos Gallegos narcotics traffickers may have small distributor structures in the area or, for example, through fishing boats, for example, through smaller boats that will be substituted by others with a larger deficit,

As you can see, Puerto Madryn has a network of mafiozo narcotics narcotics more than a few young people trying to get out of the worst, but one or the easiest – they thought they could.

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