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Cristina Kirchner is active and "cigarette operation" is brewed


The year of the year was tied to a full agenda, and more allies wanted him to be nominated Credit: NA / Juan Vargas

At the Patria Institute, there were two significant reports on the last week of the event

election structure


Cristina Kirchner

. The ex-president has just expanded the leaders who are responsible for disseminating meetings just as he did from the beginning of the year. Among the referendums of Cristina's close-knit groups, the public's rise has already begun, since it has to be the initial candidate.

Cristina, who sat at the top of the meeting room on the first floor of the country, smiled. It was ten days ago

Juan Grabois

He announced that the new president, Patria Grande, was nominated for the presidency. "We have already nominated our candidate, and today we have come to meet him," said Itai Hagman and Cecilia Merchan, among others from the new location. "Cristina is already a candidate, because we encourage him," said Grabois after the meeting.

Cristina & # 39; s first public appeal to be a candidate, was created 20 days ago from the New Encuentro

Martín Sabbatella

. "We believe that our composer Cristina Kirchner is the best candidate for the president, not because he does not have enough support to win the presidential election, but because he can provide the transformation direction of Argentina's future government." grouping.

There is an incredible media coverage in favor of government policy and happiness is called management if it delights its hands.

Cristina Kirchner, Senator FPV-Buenos Aires

This idea is shared by the other three parties in need of a 30-point nominee from the majority of mayors of the Unidad Ciudadana (Frente Grande, Partido de la Victoria, and Colina) and the Buenos Aires province's first mayoral election.

In the past two weeks, the former president met with 5 people. On Friday, June 14, at the Patria Institute, Fernando Gray (Esteban Echeverría), four days ago


Buenos Aires is replaced by Gustavo Menendez. Substitute day was with Gabriel Katopodis (San Martin), Juan Zabaleta (Hurlingham) and Alberto Descalzo (Ituzaingó) and Julio Zamora (Tiger) separately. The previous day, he received 9 communist leaders from the province. His spokespersons posted photos of each meeting.

In the list of recent meetings, the Buenos Aires University Federation (FUBA), which brings together Kirsen and Trotskyist groups and senators,

José Alperovich

In the race to restore the power of the year in Tucumán.


While holding a dialogue with several judges (Carlos Verna, Alberto Rodríguez Saá, Lucía Corpacci, Alicia Kirchner, Gerardo Zamora and Gildo Insfrán), the former president contracts in different provinces: La Pampa, PJ and UC, in 2017, they are presented separately Just like in Neuquén.

The Government's economic measures will not be implemented without the participation of the Court

Cristina Kirchner, Senator FPV-Buenos Aires

Most of the visiting patrons are read as gestures in the amplitude, and at the end of November, Christine called her former president

Eduardo Duhalde

, managed to operate on his back. "He is not thirsty for vengeance, he speaks as many as possible with a few entrepreneurs," said a former Kirchnerist official, who links some of these meetings with businessmen. Kirchnerism is a mild Cristina with others who intend to rule a radical within the context of the combined currents that imagine a third government.

After smiling, Cristina responded to Grabois as he always spoke of a definition of the future of voters: "I will do everything possible to defeat this government." Those who want answer say that they have left the open door for the candidate. Hidden lists will remain until you close.

In his environment, they emphasize that they are at the forefront of an opposition frontier outpost. They say Kirchner will run for presidency in 2019: "If he does not, he will be the one he chose." They shoot versions showing that conversations are ongoing

Sergio Massa

and the rest of the rest of Kirchner Peronism can step on the one hand as a condition for unity. "I put the house for the barbeque, buy wine, roast, prepare a table and ask if everything is ready," he said.



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