Monday , February 6 2023

Develops a new way to diagnose apnea in children


Articles sleep apnea in children This is a syndrome that is not sufficiently diagnosed. Methods of perception require the patient to have a nightly follow-up in the hospital and the interpretation of the information is complex. So a group of Spanish and American scientists and engineers developed a new way to introduce him.

According to the results published in the scientific journal "PLOOS ONE" Tests performed in 981 pediatric patients, 84%. The method combines the measurement of oxygen saturation levels at the blood level with the development of algorithms and signals.

This is one of the most important aspects of the new method can be done at home With portable devices, you just have to clip the guys' fingers. This element marks oxygen levels in the blood at night.

"Using this technique and different classification algorithms, it can be characterized by the effects of the baby's sleep apnea on the oximetric signal. Learn how to complement traditional signal analysis methods"Said Fernando Vaguerizo, one of the authors of this article.

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