Tuesday , January 31 2023

Discover over 100 non-scientific types of seas


A group of scientists have discovered more than 100 new types of sea water in Tasmania's deep waters, including coral, crustaceans and molluscs in southern Australia.

For four weeks, researchers at the Australian National Environmental Protection Program at the Sea Biodiversity Center scanned a 200-kilometer area over 1,900 meters of coral reefs.

In the expedition, researchers have received about 60,000 stereo images and about 300 hours of video from the region for relevant research. Though it takes months to analyze these materials, hundreds of animals have been discovered during exploration, soft and solitary corals, tinted glass sponges and various color cinemas.

In addition, scientists have observed the presence of bioluminescent squids, ghost shark and deep sea sharks, basketball, and ray bears among other species.

Unlike the surface tropical coral reefs, deep water coral reefs develop in a cold environment without sunlight and symbiotic algae. Corals feed on smaller organisms drained from the sea streams and contain various animals in their complex structures.


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