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Doctors do not agree about the average consumption


ALCOHOL IN INTERNATIONAL. There are various tasks related to purchase.

ALCOHOL IN INTERNATIONAL. There are various tasks related to purchase.

BUENOS AIRES, 24 (NA). An investigation agreed by Argentinean Cardiologist Ricardo Lopez Santi, recently presented at the World Cardiological Congress in Dubai, involves the discussion of the medical community if it is recommended for the protection of cardiovascular health at a moderate level.
The Argentinean Cardiology Federation (FAC) confirmed this work, confirmed by the Queen's University Ethics Council (here Canada), the perception of alcohol and the effects of physicians on cardiovascular health. Argentines
These are the first results to be accomplished by the information provided by Canadian and Uruguay specialists.
The total number of questionnaires is 745 people: 671 cardiologists, 18 specialists in internal medicine, 17 general practitioners and other 36 specialties.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the daily event, known as the UBE (Standard Drinking), is about 100 grams of wine, approximately 10 grams of alcohol, 250 pounds of beer. or 30 ml of baked whiskey; and unlike the measures, it differs from day-to-day in UBE for men or for one-day metabolism.
As for the perception of moderate alcohol intake, 35% of doctors (257/737) think that it is beneficial for cardiovascular health, while 36% (264/737) offers only such benefits. 24% (179/737) think that any reception is harmful and has 5% (37/737) other ideas.
As a result, all four doctors and three of their patients are humble and totally opposed to each other.
As for knowledge of measurement and consumption patterns, experts are not happy with their knowledge.
Only 41% know the concept of "standard drink". 83% believe that this metric is mixed and consumer patterns are not well-known and 85% should be standardized in all countries.
Level provides a critical starting point for future research and shows the need to optimize knowledge.

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