Wednesday , February 1 2023

Facebook Virus | Batigol! Gabriel Batistuta already exists in PES 2019 | VIDEO | Argentina team Facebook social networks


Konami has given great news to all football fans and especially to those who love it Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), The famous football game, which is the Argentine scorer of the year 2019 Gabriel Omar Batistuta.

In the video released by the video Facebook "Batigol" is praised by its powerful scoring characteristics and characterized by teams such as the Argentine national team, such as Rome, Inter, Fiorentina and the team.

Batistuta This is part of the PES 2019 brand name in this edition. It should be noted that Denilson, Rai Souza, Diego Lugano, Gabriel Batistuta and Ludovic Giulia are not alone.

"As a player, my priorities were to give supporters the most exciting football show they saw, and I hope the PES fans will follow the same philosophy when it's on my pitch and what makes this sport so beautiful!" Batistuta.

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