Tuesday , January 31 2023

Financial Income: It will allow you to calculate the interests of 2018 at a bonus value


Credit: Silvana Colombo

Following the exchange rate, Mauricio Macri's global financial instability, which has emerged during the period of time and at a higher risk of the country, tries to eliminate any noise or uncertainty due to the delayed adjustment of the Government's financial income tax.

Therefore, this rule will be published next week and will bring news to minimize the noise and penalties of Argentine bonds. The government warned of its sources
RESULTSThe decree to be published will affect the decrease in the amount of the interest received during the 2018 financial period, with the calculated value of the bond.

How does this feature work? Take an example. "If you've got a hood on 100 and you are sold today, it's more than 20. There's a coupon from 10, even if you've lost 20, it's not the tributás you've got for 10, but it's missing in the capital you can combine against the fall, "he told the government. "By calculating the cost of the coupon by 10 titles, it is lowered from 100 to 90 for the" purchase price "tax registrar.

This implies that those who want to make this choice will not pay for the benefits they receive. Yes, on the other hand, if you sell more than 90 new profits on the day you sell your securities, you will pay. The government source tells the media, "It's important that you do not sell the title to get the option to apply interest to the true value of the headline, which allows you to postpone the tax effect before the sale.

As it is shown, these facilities prevent the increase in the purchase and sale of securities by operators in order to avoid taxes and assistance.
tax planning less speculative. "This is a way of reacting to the shock of the financial income of operators when they are exposed to capital gains and earnings."

There are lots of votes in the market because several operators have consulted yesterday
RESULTS The lack of publication of this publication published in the Official Gazette warns investors that they know what the tax office is and what they want to repeal in their local bonds.

Financial income tax was born from the latter reform (Law No. 27.430) and has reached the understanding of the interest or returns arising from the placement of the results from 1 January 2018.

Individuals will start paying income tax from the mid-2019 income for fixed income, unlisted stocks, bonds, mutual fund stakes and profits from abroad.

According to operators, the tax-design, high inflation this year, and the loss of Argentinean bonds imply that many investors are facing reimbursement without real earnings after reversing flows to emerging markets this year.

Yesterday the country's risk was 821 points, closed at the highest level since 2014. Merval, a leading indicator of the Buenos Aires Foundation in Baghdad yesterday, with a 2.70% drop in effective buffer turnover, is also due to global uncertainty. Local bonds also showed strong defects. For example, Bonar reduced the fall in 2024 by 2.2%. Other significant drops were Global 2037 (-1.7%); Under the Argentinean law, Par (-1.7%), a hundred-year bond (-1.6%); and Bonar in 2020 (-1.4%).

The global market did not help either. Dow Jones and the Nasdaq Index closed the worst week in Wall Street for over 10 years, with concerns about the closure of Washington's government and the threat of commercial warfare. Dow, the most important index of the New York Stock Exchange, dropped by 1.8% to reach 22,437.48 points, dropping 3% to 6,332.99 points on Nasdaq. Both indicators decreased by 6.8% and 8.4% respectively per week.

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