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Fortnite (14 days Fortnite) pass gold rings with a Stormwind X-4 plane,


The gold rings go through AlaTormenta X-4s This is the fifth call Fortnite is 14 days, The Fortnite players will host the Christmas event in a new year in a good way. As every day, this new pitch is only activated at 3:00 pm and can be completed to open a new cosmetic facility.

You need to know how to complete this problem Gold rings in Fortnite are hereIn a straight-through game, we'll give you practical advice to complete the problem (enough to eliminate this problem, we've already found 13 rings).

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Move the golden rings with a Stormwind X-4 jet to complete the 14-day Fortnite Challenge

We'll show you on the map below The location of gold rings in Fortnite, it will appear during the Christmas event. Unlike previous challenges, this time it is possible to find them in minimap (a small yellow line), but if you do not want to spend time looking for them, all of them are on the map below … Just go There are 5, more to eliminate difficulty.

Aros Fortnite Map 14 days Fortnite

It is important for AlaTormenta to have the problem solved, as it can easily reach the wheel and complete the problem in a single game. However, if you can not find some rings, we'll show you more clearly.

  • One of the tombs near the mountain is Lomas Lugubres.
  • Sociedad Sibarita golf club pool.
  • Socavon is located on a pitch in the east of Soterrado (very close to the ground).
Fortnite Fly through Fortnite for 14 days
  • Aldehuela Alegre is a large rock in the snowy area in the north-east.
  • At Arctic Aerodrome, behind the back, in the south-west direction (behind the ice)
  • And at the Arctic Airport you will find another call to the north-east while following a straight line.
Fortnite Fly through Fortnite for 14 days
  • Soto Solitario on the tower
  • The Tomato Temple is hidden in the garden in the western part of the area.
  • Balsa Botín / Poza Permeable was previously known as the two buildings
Fortnite Fly through Fortnite for 14 days
  • Hidden between the two cliffs south of Pisos Picados is not too high.
  • On top of the highway, with stone and many zip lines in the west of Socavón Soterrado.
  • Ribera Repipi is a sculpture with rock in front of the north-eastern, only season 4 palace.
  • Behind the stones of the desert area, in the south-west of Ostentatious Oasis.
Fortnite Fly through Fortnite for 14 days

When you pass only 5 stripes, you open today's cosmetic object, which is a backpacker accessory, especially this "war wreath" … Christmas?

gold rings push fortnite prize

Now you know AlaTormenta Fortnite completes gold rings with a X-4 type aircraftThe fifth call on the Christmas event Fortnite is 14 days. If you need more help with Fortnite's 14-day challenges, we also know how to complete 14-minute Fortnite 14-day challenges, visit the giant candy resources, create a creative server (or combine), or actuate a snowball in different games …

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