Wednesday , February 8 2023

Germán Lux has come out to win tea against Keşima when there is no match – 22/12/2018


The third place in the club's World Cup was closed without any scoring and the only tea that came with a threat was Dere. But about 10 minutes, Kashima Antlers stopped the first ball and again showed the great weakness of the river: defending those who played with balls.

Endo scored from the corner, the center beat Inukai Borre and the ball returned to another goal, Seung-Hyun put his left foot to the back of the goal. However, while reacting to a pure reflex, the German Lux put his hand and ran away from his collapse.

Less than four minutes later, Serginho returned to test goalkeeper Millionaire. Left on the left hand side of the luxury left a shot and the goalkeeper's great intervention, the overall board to zero.

At the end of the first half was a cross-cutting cross. Pinola, one of the barbaric game in the region, abolished a shot from Abe & half, and the ball hit the horizontally hit Anzai side.

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