Tuesday , January 31 2023

Global Warning for Virus Resuscitation?


Global warning? World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the vaccine between 2000 and 2016 measles According to the World Health Organization, 20.4 million deaths representing one of the best investment in public health avoided. Nevertheless, a new report published in 2018 states that measles diseases are important.

The report indicates that measles vaccine coverage is insufficient worldwide. And it is imperative that diseases, illnesses and deaths are prevented or immunized for illness.

In this regard, the Mexican National Independent University (UNAM) describes measles as a disease caused by a virus, spreading saliva droplets, sneezing, pharyngeal or nasal secretions, and transmitted by surfaces or direct contact. polluted objects.

Gold foods are usually severe in babies aged 0-12 months and older. In July 2018, the World Health Organization reported that the coverage of the world vaccine remained at 86%.

In this sense, General Director of Gavi Dr. Seth Berkeley, the Alliance for Vaccines, stated that it could be very uncomfortable with the rise of measles status and explained: "The spread of the disease and the spread of vaccine in Europe, the collapse of the health system in Venezuela, the sensitivity pockets and the low vaccination coverage in Africa after year-round advances causing redness. "

Therefore, Berkli believes that the importance of current strategies and a single point in preventing and managing the change of the disease is to increase coverage and strengthen health systems, but he says that he will continue to follow an epidemic.

In the face of recent events in different parts of the world, health authorities have urged more investments and vaccination services. The new strategies, particularly the poorest and most marginalized communities affected by displacement or conflict, were asked to be prioritized.

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