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Gustavo Yankelevic spoke about Juan Darthés and sexual harassment in the entertainment world – 21/12/2018


Gustavo Yankelevic he said Juan Darthés, along with him working as the producer of the theater in 2017, "Lo Prhibido", and, sexual harassment in the world of entertainment.

Declarations Gustavo Yankelevic In the "Light Plan" Radio Brisas, In Mar del Plata, in the summer season,Sugar", plays a leading role Laurita Fernández.

Apply Juan Darthés – the person accused of actors Thelma Fardin At the age of 16, he was harassed Calu Rivero they "Sweet love"-, Gustavo Yankelevic "We work Darthés in the theater. I'm working with Alejandra Radano & # 39; did a work called. And he was a super professional. He was a gentleman. I do not say anything about it since the truth worked with me. Calu's work was already there, but nobody could. When all this happens, I say, "I've met a boy who really is worth it and, unfortunately, he has these relationships and this identity."

Gustavo Yankelevic He added: "I listened to him Calu Rivero They said to him, "How many years have you said?" They usually ask each of today's women to bring their lives to the difficult moments. And he said: "I need healing." And the truth is that for those who do not pass it, it is difficult to heal. Healing takes you through a piece of shit and you want to remove it, because you feel better. He did it. And very good. "

Having a great experience in artistic environment, Gustavo Yankelevic He said he was always sure Calu Rivero some did not apply to the press with his cancellation as they suspected. "He had taken something very strong from the inside – he thought Gustavo-. Now this girl has started taking away what she has been taking for years. "

Yankelevic said there was "much in the show" after announcing that aggression "exists in all activities and not just in the media." "Or there was a lot," he added, "and I hope there are no more people who are involved in this work are serious and responsible."

Also, Gustavo Yankelevic women who claim to be sexually or harassed by "name and surname" encouraged them to say those who persecuted them.

When asking the Spirit's attitude Adrián Suar, Who decided to keep Juan Darthés as the protagonist of "Simona" (El Trece) Gustavo Yankelevic He believed that the strip maker had done the right thing. He said: "He (Suar) said:" There was a running, we talked about Calu … But when I hired him and had nothing in the law, what right did he take him out of the program? "

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