Monday , February 6 2023

Have your ears been infected after using silver or gold rings? The reason for this


Ears are very common using non-gold rings. I know what this situation is and what it is.

Undoubtedly, this is a bad fit for all women hoops. But some of these accessories are often infected by the materials they produce. In general, those infected with this type of infection really suffer from allergy known as allergic eczema, which prevents them from using any substance other than gold. ear. In general, it causes the infection to cause nickel. This material generates almost all the fantasy jewelry, as well as silver and white gold alloys.

There are some ways to prevent infection, unless there is any way to resolve this. Some claim that layers should be placed on the plates of the layer ring, that is, as an isolator and prevents your skin from contacting the metal directly.

There may be other choices hoops The rest of the accessory is made of plastics, regardless of whether it is from other materials. There is also hoops made of surgical steel or titanium, which can be used safely to cause any reactions.

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