Tuesday , January 31 2023

Honda's new concept, for ferrets only: mini-sized, but the spirit of career


It was called Neo Classic Racer module and Honda will feature the next Tokyo Motor Show, which will open its doors on January 11th. Its purpose is to exaggerate the passion of a very small car conquest enthusiasts.

Articles kei-car They are a very popular tool in Japan. They are characterized by having too much compact and economical, but not necessarily boring.

This also showed Honda S660, only a 3.3-meter long (Fiat 500 measure 3.54m) and a two-seater passenger with 830 kilograms sales success

Make a kei-car account and get pleasure thus tax benefitsshould measure a vehicle Less than 3.4 meters and more 64 horsepower.

The Neo Classic Racer Module respects these indicators, but it's all right I thought of the way. The S660 is Neo Classic, the S660, but one body kit leaving her with a good retro look.

Currently, they have just released their photographs, without technical details. But I hope both will be specially created suspension like other elements driving dynamics. Let's remind, that on January 11 all details will be known and if you put a version sold out.

In terms of design, the nostalgia applies eyelids "grape". There are detailed information such as lamps and headlights, the buoyants burned, A small mysterious surface and cut tail, belonging to sports cars of the 60s.

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