Monday , February 6 2023

"I can not cry out of my mind, screams and blood" – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


"I still can not screw my tears, tears and blood." The task on Facebook is how the Chilean company sliding and shaking on Mendoza ended with Jonathan Emanuel Santibanez Ruarte, one of the victims of the company Ahumada.

A few hours later, the man posted a message on the social network and many were injured and others were serious.

"For a drowned driver, we went to the abyss," said Santibanez. This confirms the basic hypothesis of researchers: The 702-number driver of Ahumadeh did not lose control of the micro-organism.

"I am grateful to be living here to speak," he wrote, "today a mother is left without two children." Deadly victims of the accident were identified as Maritza Ramos Chana (35-year-old Peruia) and Chile's children Esteban Felipe Arredondo Chamorro (10) and Mihe Calderón Ramos (3).

This is a complete message.

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