Monday , February 6 2023

"I have a shirt since I was small"


The seafarer defender, Javier PinolaI have lived in 2018, and will remain as a magnificent year in his career. The player was one of the main pillars of the group, led by Marcelo Gallardo and it was a key piece of reason to honor the title. For this reason, tonightIn the monumental party, his supporters gave him a plain that he had never forgotten.

"Let's hope that we will be able to earn Libertadores to live as a fan of a fan in 1996"The former player of the Rosario Center," he said, "took it out, and he preserved the song, the colors of those who loved it, and preserved the colors he loved today." It's a great thing to wear this uniform. Pride, self esteem and prestige ", yesterday made a statement after win 4-0 against Kashima.

This night, in the middle of the celebration, one of the journalists drove him to: "You seem to have played ten years ago in this club". I replied: "Since I was little, I had the shoulder shirt, the moment I put it on my shoulder, now with my old old daughter"Anyone who has joined the list of well-known fanatics Enzo Presz, when everyone doubts about his fanaticism, is another player.

"The first goal was Super Cup and we won. The second was Libertadores and we won against the biggest opponent. Of course, because people are from the river we always have the right to demand, but they are very happy, and we're almost perfect. "

Finally, the player had promised several words for the pro-junior supporter, Jonatan Maydana. "First, I took a while, but I always say that it's easy to adapt and get to big players and their hierarchy. And added: "I will not express myself much, but I know it is the pride of being with you".

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