Tuesday , May 30 2023

Iliana Calabró's reaction after Fabian Rossi admitted having a double life in Panama


On Wednesday 14, Fabián Rossi He appeared to testify to the Federal Criminal Court 4 in the case of K money travel and, in his testimony, confessed that he had a family in addition to the one with which he had formed Elias Kalampro, with whom he was his father Nicholas and Stefan. Before the judge, the accountant was honest: "I had children in Panama, I had a woman, I had a section, a bank account."

So, a journalist from Los Angeles de la Manana asked Iliana for her ex-husband's revelation. "I wanted to ask the children to ask him the same thing that they asked me, not to name it, not to talk about the father, so I would like that, nothing more than that," he said with inconvenience. of the almost three-hour Rossi statement, Calabró said, "I know he apologized, it would be good if he asked me five years ago."

Eliaa then turned down Fabian's forgiveness and said, "I do not want to see him." At the end, Elias Kalampro the court noted Fabián Rossi, because he repeatedly said: "He does what he wants, but it would be good for him to let me go … I'm bothering to bring me that he puts me. Because later you, the journalists, come to ask me and it is very difficult If it creates, it is obvious that I will continue to talk, I will not talk anymore because I promised my children, hope that my children will ask him and that they will fulfill ".

Watch the video with the statements of Fabián Rossi before the Court of Justice!

Former husband Iliana Calabró, Fabián Rossi, admitted having another family in Panama

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