Tuesday , January 31 2023

"In this situation I will not leave with a country …


Mirtha Legrand questioned Mauricio Macri, President Argentinean motion for vacations in the middle of Argentinean challenges, and said he was afraid for economic predictions next year.

The host of the food received in one interview, "If I were the president and if I were a country where it was now, I would not go on a vacation," he said. "If I am, I'm trying to solve problems, I will stay in Buenos Aires, and availability is very important," he said. Chronicle.

Legrand's friendly fire comes after the announcement of a new recess by Mauricio Macri in the South. He spent three days alone for more than 130 days, taking into account the three weeks he had set out with his family yesterday and enjoyed at Villa La Angostura, which will stay until January 10.

Until mid-April 2017, the president did not work for 64 days. Since then, he has permitted a few long weekends, for example, attended a golf tournament on the Atlantic coast, or extended his official visits to spend more time on rest, as the BRICS Summit, when traveling for several days, a photo tour.

Perhaps the most memorable part of his "sketches" wounded a few days after the submarine ARA San Juan's crew, a 44-man crew injured in the middle of a tennis match at Chapadmalal. After a year of the Cambiemos administration's 46 per cent inflation and more than 2 per cent increase in revenue, the long slip of the executive was too much for the leader of the table.

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