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Industrial shock: exports of soybeans will double in 2019 – 12/22/2018


The Rosario Stock Exchange estimates that Argentine exports of soybean exports to China during the 2018/19 campaign.

According to the organization, a soybean production, reaching 50 million tons, Beans transported 14 million tons, doubled last year's amount. The remaining 36-38 million tons would go to factories established at Gran Rosario The world's major agrotechnical poleflour or oil.

Basically, The bean is an attractive price for the commercial war between the US and China and As a side product, there is no incentive to process this part From February 2019, all soybean products will have the same residues (23%) and will gradually decline until 18% in December. Before the changes made by Macri in August, there was a 3% difference in the industry's incentive.

However, Last week, China returned from the US to buy shade After the 90-day massacre under the G20 summit in the Mediterranean. It was approved by US President Donald Trump. It said China purchased US coolers "in large quantities". According to Reuters, at least 500,000 tonnes were reported, but they are said to be up to 2 million tonnes.

Until this new context, the Department for Economic Research of the same organization Rosario, Clarin Rural, "is the first gesture. There will be a tendency to normalize the soybean market to strengthen and reduce trade tensions"So, as explained, each of the actors will return to the previous schemes of the commercial war, and Argentina would export a small amount of preference to its oil industry to produce more flour and oil.

Anyway, due to this approach, price difference is still going on. On Friday the theoretical FAS for export was $ 242.9 per tonne and the industry's theoretical FAS was $ 227.1 ($ 8.597) per tonne.

It should be noted Soybean is the main export product for Argentina. According to INDEC, 30.3 million tons were shipped abroad in 2017 and reached $ 9.300 million. Last year, the export kingdom was third with 4.9 million tons of soya oil (including refined and raw materials) worth $ 3.925 million.

This year definitely these figures fall because only 32 million tons of oil was produced from strong droughts drew a damp pamper in the middle of summer. At present, companies must import 5 million tonnes of soybeans to comply with their commitments.

This war was very important for the region because the United States is the main producer and exporter of soybeans and China is the world's largest buyer of this grain. With the 25% tariff applied by Asian giant in Yankee exports, North American soybean values ​​have fallen.

As a result, The North American country usually has more soybean than the world's largest flour and butter.

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