Saturday , April 1 2023

Infant deaths due to negligence: what happened to parents in the United States and Spain


"You are dead, you are dead!", shouted to a man at Santos Lugares who returned to his car at Santos Lugares. As he was shocked by what he heard, he arrived in his vehicle and confirmed the worst: his daughter had no longer any vital signs. She had died sticky with the baby's seat.

According to the police, she would have forgotten her for several hours locked in the car. As a result, the 36-year-old man was arrested on the orders of Prosecutor Alejandra Aillaud of UFI Nº1 de San Martín. Now, she will face a cause for her daughter's illicit death, just a year.

What happened recently to the world with cases of parents who neglect their little children at the end?

At the end of October in Iowa, the United States began the trial of Zachari Kow, father of a four-month-old child who died of dehydration and malnutrition. The authorities also decided that Koehn and his mother are also which are kept by the security forces during the court proceedings.

End, this Tuesday the father was found guilty of "murdering and abusing children with a fatal outcome", indications The New World. This phrase implies life imprisonment. The trial for the 21-year-old mother is about to begin.

Also, in October, there was an affair very similar to that of Santos Lugares, but in Florida, the United States. A mother had forgotten a child in a car for more than eight hours and died of heatstroke.

Emily Bird, 34, was arrested under the charge of a minor murder, of her own son, as indicated at that time Miami Herald.

In Madrid, Spain, there was another event with common features. In this case, a father forgot a 21-month-old child for hours in a car. The man had to take her to the kindergarten of his work, but when he reached his destination he forgot and went directly to his duties. The little girl was unconscious inside the car and eventually died.

Father was accused of "careless manslaughter", according to the Spanish portal 20 minutes. He was detained by the police but was investigated and finally awaits the progress of the trial on freedom.

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