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Korolev is a magnificent ice crater on Mars


December 21, 2018

The Korolev crater is depicted as being in the North Pole on Mars and at the beginning of this week.


Thanks to the Mars Express mission of the European Space Agency, the impact of the geographical disaster can be seen in the best way and is completely covered by an ice cap of 1.8 kilometers.

Description captured by Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC). It is a combination of five "fringes" drawn on different orbits and combined to form this unique image.

A meteorite illuminates the night of Siberia

In addition, a second picture was made in the perspective, topographic and contextual image. Together, the crater is around it, as well as around it.

The content of the crater is remarkable in the photograph. The deep layer of ice remains constant. It is related to the phenomenon known as this "Cold Trap". The lower part of the crater captures the cold and forms part of the cold air, which prevents the ice from warming up and destroying it.

As it is illustrated by the German DLR space agency, this ice cap is about 2,200 cubic kilometers of glacier.

Crater Korolev

Martian crater dedicated to the memory of the director and director of the Soviet missile program, Sergei Korolov, during the Mars race in the 1950s and 1960s.

Korolyov played a key role in the development of Russia's intercontinental ballistic missile program (ICBM). As a designer, he controlled the Sputnik and Vostok programs and initiated the sending of a man to the Moon.

Koroliov's photo after his arrest in 1938.

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