Monday , February 6 2023

"Let's go …" Juan Darthés leaked a strong voice from his son!


Thelma Fard's opposing Juan Darthés created a genuine revolution in Argentina and put everyone in the lip that they had only talked about: many of the women who dominated working women had with them violence. Of course, some of the entertainment world was similar, but none who would not dare to report clearly to them because they feared the judgment.

For example, a number of old models and cartoons comedians who have been covering Jorge Porcel in television and movies a few years ago have talked about the humiliation they are pursuing; In fact, Sandra Villarruel, the actress Amalia, has been systematically mistreating González, and having fun with her curves, she has been urged to understand that she is not a real talent, only a good body.

Darthés tried to respond to long conversations with Mauro Viale, whose base was not to sacrifice, but to repatriate the victim, saying that the victim had been trying to kiss and involve an aggressive person first. Then force in the room. His words (which are intolerable to many) were:

Juan Darthés: "I am frustrated, I am angry, I have an incredible argument, I did not go out to speak before, because I was consulted by the means they did not fire, I did not see the evidence of all these media armed with the subject, and decided to wait a little yesterday but nevertheless I can not explain what happened, I'm dead after very dark, very dark thoughts, I want people to know that I'm dead Ally, I'm dead, can not kill me twice, the only thing that interests me is to tell the truth, I've never done it, never raped anyone, I have never sinned.
Mauro Viale: "What happened?"
JD: "I do not know if I took him out of my room, I said to him," You're crazy, how are you? "" I told her that my kids were the same age.

Now he is one of the sons of Darthés who sends audio to a friend whose content is very strong. The actor currently visits his brother in Brazil, and the young man says, "Thank you for your message, we will be able to get better, less and less, today is a bit better than yesterday, small and small, but good, there is little. That's all. Fortunately, my uncles came, we are in the family and this helps to open. "What does Thelma Fardine say when we listen to the Argentine actresses collective?

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