Wednesday , February 8 2023

Lockers for plastic use to load nozzles


After collecting 14 gains during the year, the service stations have reached their peak prices. Today there is no basis for a rise, some entrepreneurs in the sector are expressing. As you can see, without this frights, this scenario will remain at the beginning of the holidays.

Entrepreneurs need to keep the scenario in such a short time, if there is no change and no international tension affecting the price of a crude oil.

"It's a market-level, and if there's nothing unexpected in the dollar, for example, there's no movement in pumps in the next few weeks," said Ceca's manager iProfessional Guillermo Lego, a confederation that combines entrepreneurs operating in this area.

The manager added: "There is no tax burden for January or the use of bribes for inflation, as it does in those months." The energy secretary "has decided to integrate into the table where fuel purification and commercialization are determined," he said in a positive way.

However, concerns are not the problem of vehicle owners, but the problems they are trying to pay with fuel and pay by card. As a result of the increased results, many stations began to stop plastic payments from September. These obstacles will intensify in the last part of the year.

The argument that businessmen apply for the justification of the measure is related to terms set by issuing companies to perform transactions with this document.

According to the main players in the industry, the abolition of the system every 28 days will cause great losses. Because, if the price increase occurs, the value of the depreciation increases. That is why plenty of stations pay plastics to rebuild part of the waiting period.

At the broadcasters' side, they do not want to: they claim that the reduction of this temporary time would put them in a financially risky situation. And the inflation scenario that does not cause great distress before the issue is resolved. In these months, businessmen are allowed to pay only with the debtor or the cash.

Even Cecha warns that service stations will accept payment for the card in the next few months. Especially at selected points to hold holidays.

From this point of view, some stations have been criticized for criticism. Faeni (Santa Fe vending machines) are preparing actions for alleged "abuse of power" against plastic companies.

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