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Look for gassing slots on the river valley at Fortnite (14 days Fortnite Challenge).


Search the seaside gases This is the sixth call Fortnite is 14 daysIt is a Christmas event that activates a new pitch every day until 2019. In this respect, as in others, our task is to find a new object in the game.

It is important for you to know There are nuts in FortniteFrom now on, we will only interact with the slot to increase the pitch progress counter (as in the boxes). To complete the problem, you need to find a total of 6 slots and interact with them.

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Look for the gases on the railroad track in Fortnite, and how to solve the problem

On the map below we show The location of the Fortnite nut nutFortnite will be active all days of Christmas. Since they are very close to each other, we suggest that we do so on the occasion because it will be the fastest (will fail before you get Quadtaclismo).

The entire map has more nuts and they are always around the water ("ribera"). These 6, shown below, are fast enough or if you start with a slot in the north or south, and if you sweep the field, they will be able to get the problem in a single game.

Fortnite map of groove slots

If you start in Paradise, you will find the first venue before a covered bridge over a river beneath a tree. If you follow the rivers, you will find many nest, though they are too far away …

Nest Treasures Fortnite

If you continue towards Latifundio Lettal to the northeast, you will find it on the edge of a small water basin in the south-eastern part of the area.

Nest Treasures Fortnite

Without leaving Latifundio Letal, you will find several smaller channels with water in the northern part. Find another person next to the big tree Slots of Fortnite Gossip.

Nest Treasures Fortnite

If you continue down the ramp south of Socavon Soterrado, you will see a small lake. The nest is at the foot of the tree in that area.

Nest Treasures Fortnite

Now let's go south-east and you will see a small void near the desert without desert on the desert. Again on the beach, find the slot.

Nest Treasures Fortnite

You can find a desert area with a south, a south-west crown, a lake (near the other main road). You will see the nest near the palm tree.

Nest Treasures Fortnite

When you are looking for a total sum 6 slots in Fortniteand you will open a new item in your box office to finish the ongoing game. Specifically, the sixth call prize is this download screen …

He won an award of six days in sixteen days

Now you know How do you fulfill the search for gases on the shore of the Fortnite River?The sixth event of the Christmas event Fortnite is 14 days. If you need more help with Fortnite's 14-day challenges, we also know how to complete 14-minute Fortnite 14-day challenges, visit the giant candy resources, create a creative server (or combine), or actuate a snowball in different games …

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