Monday , October 3 2022

Marcela Feudale erupted with fury and destroyed Lourdes Sánchez: "I came back to the serpentarium and left iodine * r"


Lourdes Sánchez Try the "bicha" and Marcela Feudale He could no longer stand. His historical announcer ShowMatch he is involved as he never did and went out to defend himself Sol Pérez in the attack of the President of BAR.

After a return trip, The dwarf took Twitter's position and, in a very loud tone, asked Lourdes to "stop fucking."

"Please encourage you to return to the serpentarium. Stop fucking"the announcer said, adding: "I did not say that you are planning an attack, I just said you said" amoeba "".

For the end gave the lethal blow: "Considering the barbarity you say, my own is a game. Do not fuck anymore, desperate for television. How heavy ".

After returning from the tweet, Mariana Brey said that when she worked with her, she was very bad. "I started and devoted myself to bring and bring along with the production and gave me a bad time", was convicted.

Will Feudale answer?

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