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Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro's poetic expressions "Shortly" – 12/23/2018


Presence Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro (60) took part in the table Mirtha Legrand (91) This Saturday, after making a bicycle accident on public transport networks, he commented on the clothes he was wearing under his nose.

A well known lawyer and former adviser to Tandil "is this Not less he had high ideological accusations "and he condemned the three women invited to the table: Teté Coustarot (68), Nancy Pazos (50) and Maria O & # 39; Donnell (48). And it caused a strong debate.

It all began when Pazos said Juan Darthés (54) were "aggressive". Then the mediator's lawyer said: "It is still unknown if it is broken. The rejection of the soul can have a vision as we are and we are, but we have not yet been condemned. In fact, this is true & # 39; Una menos & # 39; ideological burden was high""

"He did not have high ideological accusations. Forgive me, but not for a bit (there were)"Coustarot was quick." What does "ideology" mean? "She asked Donnell. was a vision of the government behind the gender issue. This is exactly like this. It does not happen anymore, "Alessandro replied.

Mauricio D'Alessandro, Maria, Teté and Nancy in the Mirtha program. (Twitter)

Mauricio D'Alessandro, Maria, Teté and Nancy in the Mirtha program. (Twitter)

""No, there is nothing to see"said the angry journalist Nation while other guests continued to contradict the lawyer. ""It was not", was not an old model." Something invisible, Gender issue is related to gender, not political ideology"he said Angels of the morning (The Thirteen, 10.30).

At that moment, Teté dwelt directly on Alessandro: "When I say an ideological charge, does it reduce it a little?"."No"he said.Ahh, why do you say that?"The driver also evacuated.

At that moment, he interrupted Donnell's conversation and said:He is a movement of the philharmonic society and has nothing to do with it"I say that it was a philharmonic society, in fact …", tried to clarify many famous defenders, but Coustarot did not allow it to finish:But you do not recognize women who organize it""

After that, the panelist emphasized the reluctance of the women who organized this struggle to go "saying more or less":And did not go for a hundred""

""Do you think any Macrist women have been mobilized a little less Ni? You are completely inaccurate, "said Deputy Prime Minister of Buenos Aires, a journalist and former spouse. Diego Santilli (51). ""It was massive"said Mirtha.

"If I do not say it I'm not a macro, I'm not … but there was an ideological accusation, "the lawyer apologized.Of course, women who are mobilized against sexual violence are an ideology it's about ending a patriarchy … but what? you said that he put a second intention of the sackcloth sitting behind Ni under an ideology"said Donnell.

""Yes, I tell you right, there was. Almost 500 actresses …"the lawyer continued."But what do you say about what you do?journalist "based on a lot of abortions …" D Alessandro was surprised.Cristina Kirchner opposed decriminalization of abortions"he said.

"What to do? Not less in the previous discussion, not for all Cristina. I confirm that at least I believe it is this is the new 500 actress (Accompanied by his complaint to Thelma Fardin & Darthés) they are ideologized & # 39;"he said.

""In any way, there is a very special ideology"She said," That's what I said The other day is very good, says Amalia Granata"No one was more free from my body than I was, and I was responsible," said Robbie Williams, "and I did what I wanted and that I should accompany the ideology of abortion."

As it happened, Teté looked at him with surprise and said,What did you say to Mauricio …! You will not let down the whole dispute"."If you can not hold it, it's not my fault, but what do you want to do? If you want to throw it to the fourth party … "he asked.

By Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

By Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

Finally, a lawyer watched discussions on Twitter after passing through several users of this network. ""How danced on the table …"they wrote a letter from anonymous account somewhere that they insulted." Do not be afraid to humiliate your life. I love the talk and I will. What I said was not something that was not right for me"he replied.

By Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

By Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

"I see Mirtha A long time ago, @dalessamauricio, sucking Macri's socks, throws them alllike getting a conchabo or a load or look good for free. Jester of the day, "another user tweeted.

By Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

By Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

""I tell you about the evil: you say I'm looking for a conchabo, and for four years I have been selected by my votes and did not lend. Now change the point. Coconut was eating the collective. Blandito, "the lawyer replied with anger.

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